Firefox OS: HTML5 Mobile Operating System by Mozilla

Its been on the news and now it got its official name. Yes, it is about the Mozilla Firefox HTML five based operating program which just got a name as Firefox OS. A committed Mozilla Developers Group is operating difficult on a HTML 5 operating method and Mozilla has officially named it as Firefox OS for its upcoming new operating technique project. A single of the worlds best open source internet browser is going to launch its personal Operating Program.

firefox os

Its all started with a internet browser and now Mozilla is preparing to enter Mobile OS War. As it is going to be based on HTML5 expectations are fairly high from users side and this will be a fantastic chance for the Browser Giant to explore all the possibilities of HTML5 and present them on customers mobile phone. Numerous Mobile Suppliers and Telecom companies have currently started to backup this project to promote openness and innovation along with Mozilla.

The initial Firefox OS powered mobile device is going to have Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm. We can anticipate the initial preview of the device by 2013 by way of Telefonicas commercial brand in Brazil.

mozilla firefox os

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To unveil the full potential of a mobile telephone, Firefox OS will be built on Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko which will let HTML5 applications to use the hardware elements. The supporting firms list keeps on developing and Mozilla can generate a massive influence on mobile os industry with its upcoming Firefox OS release.

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