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If you are student and also own an Android gadget, then you will be satisfied to know that your Android gadget, which was only a gadget for entertainment and enjoyable so far but can be your study guide as well. Today’s smartphone is not just used for entertainment purpose only but could be used for selection of other productive objective as well. Students typically use smartphone to show off their supremacy over other buddies but later they uncover themselves in adore with their gadget.

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Android’s official app retailer Google Play has got many apps in it which can convert your Android into your virtual teacher. There are gazillions of apps available in the Google Play retailer tagged below a variety of categories.

There are several apps for study purposes and selecting the best out of them can be activity of discomfort. So I am right here with the list of very best Android apps for students. So let’s have a appear at it.


If we talk about the websites that assist you in studies, then the Wikipedia is on the no.1 position. Wikipedia has got data about virtually every topic of globe and so about each and every study topic as nicely. Even though, you can endure Wikipedia from your Android perfectly, but as you need to have to endure the internet site yet again and yet again so entering the web address and then accessing the Wikipedia can be operate of discomfort.

This is where, this app comes to be valuable. By utilizing this app, you can access Wikipedia with single touch. You can save pages, copy beneficial information and bookmark the pages inside this app itself.

android wikidroid

Math Formulary

Most of the students have always problem in maths. It is clear because maintaining the large list of formulas for long time is not an easy process. If you also have the difficulty of remembering the formulas, then this is the app produced for you. The app comes preloaded with numerous formulas related to all topics of Math like Algebra, Differential, Trigonometry etc.

math formulary


Evernote is the app that converts your Android into virtual notepad that you can use to store your details. Nicely, the notepad you get is not an ordinary a single. This is a notepad which utilizes your finger as pencil and your Android’s screen as notebook. This app also comes with voice recording alternative, which makes it possible for you to record essential lectures and speeches.

You might also interested to study about evernote review which we wrote sometime ago.


Grammar Guide

To get excellent job, along with proper education and degree, English is also essential. If you don’t have excellent English abilities, then you can’t anticipate very good job. Grammar has always been a issue in learning English. If your hand is also tight in Grammar, then this app can assist you for certain. The apps operates perfectly as its name and points out your errors in Grammar and give you guidelines to have much better expertise in Grammar. If you have good skills in Grammar then nobody can quit you to have great skills in English.

grammar guide

My Student Budget Planner

You can’t get study without having cash. In the course of the student life, you need to be in limits in your expenditures. This app can aid you in keeping budget for your study and other expenditures, so that you can make the finest use of difficult earned money by your parents.

my student phone

 So what you are waiting for? Use the apps yourself and don’t forget to share your expertise with us in the comments beneath.

Author Bio: Ricky Shah is an Android fanatic and he typically writes detailed tutorial on android device. Check out his tutorial on how to download APK from Google Play retailer and comprehensive list of Galaxy S3 accessories.

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