Dash, The Employee Wellness App

A great new app by Virgin HealthMiles, of Richard Branon’s Virgin Group, is taking seriously the responsibility organizations have for the well being of their workers. Based around the concept of delivering wellness activities and mobile incentives for its users, this app has an accelerometer that tracks actions and workout calories and then syncs the info to the users’ Virgin HealthMiles account. The Dash app allows users to manually add weight, blood pressure activity, and duration although the BMI numbers and biometric information is automatically calculated. Going forth, workers can keep track of their workouts and caloric burns and even have access to summaries and graphs which correlate their weekly and monthly progress.

Apps and tools like this which incentivize positive employee behavior and overall performance are becoming a lot more of priority for employers hunting to generate a stable and productive perform force. A lot of leadership training seminars now concentrate on community health objectives just as consistently as communication abilities and technology integration.

While the Virgin HealthMiles Dash app is not the 1st mobile physical exercise application that keeps track of calories and progress, it is one particular of the very first that is uniquely tailored to employees as an incentivizing aspect for their function forces. Possibly 1 of the neatest tools on the app is the Challenges feature, which facilitates and encourages team challenges with true-time stat tracking. This is all component of the Virgin HealthMiles Connections social platform, which creates a community-based news feed.

Dash is also one of the very first activity tracking apps that has a effectively-planned reward platform based around the health of the participants and not the micro-managing delight of the community manager. One of perks of this for the staff is that he or she does not need to be a part of the rewards platform in order to participate. Let the employee accelerometer challenges begin!

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