Cyanogenmod 9 for HTC 1 X is released

TripNRaVeR from the TripNDroid Mobile Engineering team posted Cyanogenmod 9 for HTC A single X , a custom ROM which will not include any sense component in it .

The post by TripNRaver is made on with functions and installation instruction and every single other instruction . As usual it is a custom ROM so there will be some function which won’t perform of course developer will make it much better after some time.


What is Working in this custom ROM :
– Mobile network (data, calls, sms and so forth.)
– Bluetooth
– Bluetooth tethering
– Wifi
– Hardware video decoder
– Hardware acceleration (2D/3D)
– Audio
– MIC (recording)

What is not Not working:
– Camera
– Wifi hotspot

According to developer Mobile information will take a lot of time to correctly connect and he stated that he is inestigating the problem and possibly will get resolution for it .

Want to set up the ROM on your Device ? head over to

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