BiKN Aids You Keep Track of Your Life

If you’re a single of those men and women that regularly misplaces their keys, wallet, or even remote, the BiKN iPhone app and attachment can help you hold track of all these products at all instances. In reality, it will let you keep track of up to 8 items – such as folks.

To keep track of the items you are most prone to losing, all you have to do is attach 1 of the 8 tags to the products in question and download the app on your iPhone. The tags effortlessly attach to crucial rings, which is incredibly convenient if you constantly shed yours or are wondering the whereabouts of your children of driving age. When you shed one particular of the things that a tag is attached as well, BiKN will aid you find it in a single of three approaches:

  1. Discover Mode – Uncover mode allows the app to find your item utilizing a visual display and an audio tone.
  2. Leash Mode – Leash mode notifies you as soon as a specified item moves out of your specified range.
  3. Web page Mode – Web page mode allows you to uncover your items just by sound. All you have to do is hit the web page button and all items with tags on them will sound.

So no matter whether you leave your phone or wallet in Overland Park storage facilities immediately after packing away those vacation decorations or in the local Wal-Mart while shopping for groceries, BiKN will notify you to their place – prior to you leave the region. This early notification is in particular a perk, because it prevents you from obtaining all the way property or whatever be your destination with no your most needed products.

The BiKN app and tags are definitely a awesome concept, even so, the only drawback is that you have to make certain that each your iPhone and all tags are charged in order for it to perform correctly – not something that every person, especially those who are prone to losing items, are good at. Otherwise, at $ 49.95, the BiKN is certainly worth the investment.

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