The True Cost of Military Equipment Investing [Infographic]

The True Cost of Military Equipment Spending

Do you ever wonder what your tax dollars are spent on? The U.S. Department of Defense has a large price range to function with every single year. Here we’ll have a look at what the government actually pays for factors to keep the U.S. military powerful and for comparison, you’ll see what the very same quantity of money could have bought if it had been in the hands of U.S. families.

To properly equip just a single U.S. soldier, the U.S. Department of Defense spends $ 17,500. That quantity of money could spend a households wellness insurance coverage premiums for an complete year. In contrast, $ 52 billion is spent every single year on the U.S. nuclear weapons system. That amount of money equals the typical annual household earnings of 1,051,673.5 households. Practically 2.5 million four-year school degrees or well being insurance premiums for nearly three.5 million families could be paid for with $ 52 billion.

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