The Secret Side of Military Spending [Infographic]

the secret side of military spending infographic

There are many things about military spending that the average taxpayer is not aware of. One of those things is that military spending has increased by over 100 percent during the last ten years. Although the proposed 2012 military defense bill features an actual decrease in spending for the first time in many years, it makes only a slight dent.

Most people also don’;t know, for instance, that 360 million of their tax dollars has fallen into the hands of the Taliban so far during our efforts in Afghanistan. Over 360 million tax dollars have been spent on weight loss surgery for military spouses and other family members, and that the U.S. spends more money on its military than all of the other countries on the planet put together do.

American taxpayers are still losing over 11 billion dollars per year in Iraq, while people in the U.S. continue to go without adequate food, housing and health care.

the secret side of military spending

Infographic Source: Online Military Education

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