The Girls of War [Infographic]

women of war

When you consider of war heroes, you may believe of males. Indeed, a lot of guys have turn into war heroes, but there have also been girls who have played essential parts in the background of war. Girls have been utilised in each achievable situation in war, regardless of whether carrying a gun or utilizing their beauty as a weapon.

4 historically important women of war had been:

Helen of Sparta

Helen of Sparta known as “the face that launched a thousand ships” was the a single for whom the Trojan War was fought over.


Bathsheba became pregnant by King David after he observed her taking a bath.  He then attempted to make her husband think that the kid was his, but when that didn’t perform, David placed Bathsheba’s husband on the front lines of a battle so that the enemy could effortlessly kill him.


Boudica led the Iceni individuals in revolt after her husband died and his will was ignored.

Anne Boleyn

Henry VIII left his wife for Anne Boleyn, which induced a religious war that she was blamed for by everyone.

The Women of War Infographic

Infographic Source: Military Degree Programs

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