How To Survive a Nuclear Holocaust [Infographic]

How To Survive a Nuclear Holocaust Infographic

About 1 in three Americans lives inside 50 miles of a nuclear energy plant. That equals up to some 116 million Americans. A nuclear holocaust would most likely mean certain death for all of them without having a doubt. Keeping exposure to a minimum for these outside the immediate place of the plant is essential.

A single issue that can be done is to use common household products as weapons in this battle against contamination. Vacuuming at least as soon as per day would be recommended along with running the air conditioning unit 12 hours a day on recirculation settings.

A complete new way of life would be necessary to steer clear of contamination and to survive the complete event. Most would not be ready for all that they would have to do. Every little thing from maintaining food in protected containers to laundering all clothes and sheets at least after per day. All of these items would have to be done just to preserve simple survival.

How To Survive a Nuclear Holocaust Infographic

Infographic Source: Greatest Wellness Degrees

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