The digital nomad is someone that has decided to take themselves out of the rat race and instead embark upon a career online whilst traveling. This is something which has greatly risen in popularity in recent years thanks to the growing power of the internet and our ability to run a business or even hold down a job, whilst being location independent. My buddy Mike Volitich has been an digital nomad now for over 5 years and I caught up with hime recently to find out what the biggest benefits are of this kind of lifestyle.

Anywhere, Anytime

Of course the biggest benefit of this lifestyle is that you can work anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night, providing that you have an internet connection. In fact with smart planning there are times when even an internet connection isn’t necessary, just a laptop and a power socket. For anyone who holds down a job, traveling to another country or city can only be done during holiday time or because of a convention or training event, a digital nomad however can roam throughout the world and still be able to make money whilst doing so.

No Asking For Permission

When a digital nomad has a doctor or dentist appointment they can drop everything and make it happen, they do not need to ask for permission or face an uncomfortable conversation with their boss. Equally when it comes to vacation time, digital nomads don’t need to hand in a request and then wait to see if anyone else wants the same week, they can simply jet off and work during their time in an exciting destination. This freedom is highly valuable and the lack of having to ask someone permission to enjoy some free time is exactly why so many people love this lifestyle.


Mike became a parent a couple of years ago and whilst this has curbed his travels somewhat, he loves the fact that this career which he has enables him to give huge amounts of time to the kids, and be there when they need him. As any parent who works will tell you, managing working hours with the needs of your children can be tough and cause a great deal of stress, working online as digital nomads do enables them to remove this stress and ultimately be a better parent to your child.


Many digital nomads do work for other people but they almost always have autonomy over when they work during the day. Everyone I know who lives this lifestyle says that what they love most about it is being able to work the hours that they chose, be it night or day. There are far less constrictions with this lifestyle versus the rest of us, and this flexibility ultimately leads to a happier worker.

Is digital nomadism something that you would like to do?