Do you have a job which you love? A career which is fitted around your passions? Unfortunately the majority of people answer no to these questions, which is a very sad display of how most of us are living our lives. There are so many benefits to doing what you love and today I want to talk about my good friend Michelle L Marquez, a woman who followed her passions. When we studied law together it was evident that Michelle had a real passion for it, studying things like fraud cases and arbitration law whilst the rest of us were out partying! It was clear where her passions were and after college she began working in the stock exchange with a securities group. If you choose to follow your passion as she did, here are the benefits you can expect.

No Stress

Michelle is probably one of the least stressed out people that I know, she is always calm and collected, even when she has had challenging days at work. To be honest I have other friends who work in careers which carry far less pressure, who are so much more highly strung and stressed than Michelle is. The reason for this is that Michelle wakes up everyday and goes to a job which she loves, something which few of us can say for ourselves.

Desire to go Further

Michelle has quickly risen through the ranks in her office and this is no surprise given the amount of passion and desire she has for what she does. This, along with her great results, has obviously been recognized by those above and they understand that they have someone in Michelle who will do all that it takes to be the very best at her job. As you ascend through the ranks, you will find that the people you are working with are those who have the commitment and desire for the job, which is why Michelle is already making waves.

General Happiness

Michelle was always a relatively happy person but never so much so that it was notable, these days however it most certainly is. I only need to speak to her on the phone or over lunch to realize that she is in a great place in her life. Even when she talks about the negatives of her job, she does so in a way that is very optimistic indeed, and the complaints are more of an after-thought than  something which dominates the conversation. This contrasts greatly with when I speak to other friends of mine who enjoy spending most of their time complaining about the way things are in their job, in the case of Michelle she spends the conversation waxing lyrical about her job and the work that she is doing.

Learn from Michelle and follow your passions when it comes to your career.