Mirrorcube: The Treehotel Experience

The Mirrorcube is developed to be “the epitome of sustainable luxury.” Crafted by Scandinavian architects Tham &#038 Videgard Arkitekter these contemporary dwellings disappear into their surroundings. The mirrored surface reflects the surroundings, creating the cube practically invisible, especially from afar. The Mirrorcube appears to be floating in space but it is seamlessly mounted to an anchor tree and secured on the ground by cables. The glass has an infrared film installed. This layer, although invisible to humans, can be seen by birds so that they will safely keep away from the cube.

The interior boasts all-natural wood décor, a drastic contrast from the ultra modern exterior. A queen sized bed and cautiously selected/custom furnishings finish the stark interior. Flooded with all-natural light, this home in the trees is the excellent retreat. Inhabitants can even climb a ladder to sit on the roof of her or his cube, lounging among the treetops.

Mirrorcubes are accessible for obtain directly from Treehotel, the manufacturer. The time from ordering to installation is about 4 months. Treehotel does each and every single step of the delivery, constructing and installation approach.

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Danielle, an author at suitsandladders.co.uk, is a commercial real estate interior designer who is always hunting for cutting edge merchandise to consist of in her next office space project.

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