Boca do Lobo’s 17th Century French Furniture

Boca do Lobo has gone by the dictum of ‘We strive to encourage sensational experience’, and their attempt at the Versailles sofa proves it fairly significantly strongly. For these who are addicted to the décor and style of the 17th century French Courts, which were also the centers for Pagan art and grandeur of that age, the sofa is indeed what they would call sensational. The ornamentation and detailing is practically a reside demonstration of the time back then, considerably of which integrated societal restrictions and oppression to a big degree. Though the exact fabrication isn’t identified, but marble would be most feasible as it looks. Nevertheless, the carving of such a tough fabric can indeed demand a lot of tenacious craftsmanship, which is on ample display right here. Some of the design neat the corners are a preferred, but the back of the sofa is what gets all the interest. The welcome contrast comes in the type of the blue velvet cushion and seating, which indeed lends a royal touch as properly.

Boca do Lobo Limited Edition Versailles Sofa is inspired by 17th century French furniture [BornRich]

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