No matter how we look at things, Lindsey Manufacturing Company stands out as a true industry leader. It is really easy to understand why when we look at everything that is offered. This does include equipment that can be found in literally all corners of the world.

The TLM Conductor Monitor system is one of the flagships of Lindsey Manufacturing Company. Even if it is popular, few actually know everything that they should about it. This is a technology that is so great that it led to the much-discussed partnership happening with another industry giant, Iridium Communications. We can say that power distribution is actively changing thanks to TLM.

From the moment TLM was devised, it stood out as a reliable system that can offer great stats about the behavior of the system’s conductor over a 24 hours period covering the entire day. We are practically talking about conductor monitoring that truly happens in real-time. Software is utilized in order to make automatic or manual network changes. The system can monitor the temperature of conductors, vibration levels, line current and a whole lot more.

To put everything as simple as possible, Lindsey’s TLM is self-powered and self-communicating, offering a system that is affordable and that can lower the current losses that appear during the distribution of electricity. Behavior data is continuously relayed so regulatory compliance is always perfect and dynamic line rating becomes a reality. TLM is nowadays included in the Smartline-TCF Lindsey forecasting system that is available for any interested power distributor.

Why Use TLM Conductor Monitor?

When comparing what TLM offers with other market options, it is quite obvious that Lindsey Manufacturing’s offer is superior. We are talking about completely guaranteed electrical clearance compliance, which is not at all something that is easy to achieve. TLM allows easily measuring distance between all line objects and conductors. Those that use the system understand line capacity.

Remember the fact that many different factors can affect the amount of power that a transmission line can handle during transportation. Accurate data is received by the user and it is easy to see accurate details about current being moved.

A really important thing that you need to be focused on is that TLM’s SMARTLINE integration is something that is very beneficial for the entire system. We look at software that is capable of offering details about complete DLR (dynamic line rating). If the system allows it, transmission capacity can be increased. This easily increases line efficiency.

Final Thoughts

The only thing that needs to be added about TLM Conductor Monitors is that they are incredibly beneficial when looking at power distribution. The biggest advantage of using Lindsey’s technology is that electricity can become much cheaper for users. Power distribution firms can easily cut many losses and it is not at all difficult to install TLM or SMARTLINE. No matter how we look at things, Lindsey Manufacturing Company manages to set industry standards. This has been happening for years now and it is expected that TLM will improve even more in the future.