ten Biggest Robberies of The Decade (2000-2010)



This decade has seen some of the greatest, ingenuously planned and brilliantly executed robberies of all times. Some masterminds behind these crimes had been caught and some managed to escape. This list comprises of 10 such robberies which tested the skilled skills of the security agencies as effectively as the police.

ten. Agricultural Bank of China Robbery – China ($ 6.7 million)

Agricultural Bank of China

Agricultural Bank of China

Agricultural Bank of China was robbed by two branch managers employed at the Handan branch of the bank among 16th March 2007 and 14th April 2007. Initially a branch manager Ren Xiaofeng, stole $ 26,000 in October 2006 and purchased Chinese lottery ticket. Fortunately he won the lottery and returned the income to the vault of the bank. Emboldened by his initial achievement, he shared his plan with an additional manager, Ma Xiangjing. They decided to do the very same crime but on a far larger scale this time. For the duration of March and April 2007, the two stole, and spent 4.95 million on lottery tickets. This time they lost the lottery. Scared and frustrated, they attempted yet another robbery and stole six money boxes containing a further $ 2.7 million on April 14, spending 14 million in a single day in an effort to recover their losses. Soon the heist was discovered and inquires were set up. Each Ren and Ma had been executed in Hebei province on April 1, 2008.

9.   Northern Bank Robbery – Belfast, Ireland ($ 35.33904 million)

Northern Bank Robbery, Belfest, Ireland

Northern Bank Robbery, Ireland

The Northern Bank, Belfast Headquarters was robbed of $ 35.33 million on 20th December 2004. The households of the two bank officers were took as hostage by the gang members disguised as police officers. The officers had been left with no selection but to cooperate with them in this robbery in order to save their households. They admitted the gang members in the bank immediately after business hours. Police in Northern Ireland and Irish republic feel that the IRA stole the Northern bank.

8.  Graff Diamonds robbery – London ($ 65 million)

Graff huge diamonds

Graff Diamond Robbery, London

The Graff Diamonds robbery took place on 6 August 2009 when two guys posing as buyers entered the Graff Diamonds outlet in New Bond Street, London. They stole jewellery worth nearly $ 65 million. The thieves stole 47 products of jewelry in 3 minutes, consisting of diamond rings, bracelets, necklaces and wristwatches. The robbers had been traced by way of their cell telephone which they left in haste in an abandoned car. Police searched the flats of the robbers and recovered a $ 789 250 blue diamond ring wrapped in clingfilm and hidden in a pot of face cream. The master mind behind the robbery, Aman Kassaye, was found guilty. On August 7, 2010 he was sentenced to 23 years in prison. 3 other men Solomun Beyene, Clinton Mogg, and Thomas had been every jailed for 16 years following also being convicted of conspiracy to rob.

7. Banco Central Burglary – Brazil (US$ 69.eight million)

Banco Central Burglary, Brazil

Banco Central Burglary, Brazil

1 of the most ingeniously executed executed bank robberies is the Banco Central burglary in Brazil. The bank was robbed on the evening of 21 February 2006. A modest gang of burglars tunneled over 250 feet to the bank’s vault from a nearby house. The robbers utilised a landscaping company as a cover. The tunnel was expertly constructed and was a master piece. They offered sophisticated lighting and an air conditioning method to the tunnel. The strange but indigenous burglars dug continuously for three months prior to the tunnel was prepared to conceive the plan. Police was productive in recovering only $ 9 million dollars.

6. Kent Securitas Depot – England ($ 92.5 million)

Kent Securitas Depot Robbery

Kent Securitas Depot Robbery

Kent Securitas Depot robbery took location on the evening of 21 February 2006 when members of a gang kidnapped the family of the depot manager. They also tied up fourteen staff members and effectively stole cash worth $ 92.five million. A Securitas employee told the court that one particular of the robbers shouted “let’s rock and roll” as he named for the other individuals to leave when the lorry was total. A number of arrests were produced and Emir Hysenaj was sentenced to 20 years in prison on 29 January 2008 with an order that he serve a minimal of ten years. Stuart Royle, Lea Rusha, Jetmir Bucpapa and Roger Coutts were offered life sentences with an order that they serve a minimal of 15 years.

five. Antwerp Diamond Center – Belgium: ($ 100 million+)

Antwerp Diamond Center Robbery

Antwerp Diamond Center Robbery, Belgium

Antwerp Diamond Center is famous for it’s uncut diamonds. This huge heist was executed on 16th February 2003 by a popular skilled thief Leonardo Notarbartolo. The heist was so huge that he failed to handle stealing all their booty out of the vault. But nonetheless managed to take away 123 of 189 deposit boxes. The robbery was properly planned and the plan took years to get executed. It involved at least four a lot more folks. They had rented office space in the building 3 years earlier, exactly where Leonardo posed as an Italian diamond merchant. This was done to gain trust and credibility and stay away from suspicion. Jewels worth $ 100 million have never ever been recovered. Notarbartolo is currently serving a ten year sentence in prison.

four. Harry Winston Diamond Robbery – Paris, France ($ 108 million)

Harry Winston Diamond Robbery, Paris

Harry Winston Diamond Robbery, Paris

The robbery was executed in 2008 in a jewelry retailer, “Jeweler to the stars” by a gang of 4 thieves who took away jewels worth $ 108 million. three of the robbers were dressed as females, wearing girls clothes and wigs. Harry Winston stock fell 9% the next day. The retailer was robbed the earlier year as well. Police hyperlinks the robbery to a huge criminal organization of Yugoslavians but no 1 is located guilty till date. A $ 1 million dollar reward is still up for  providing any info leading to the arrest of the thieves.

three. Schiphol Airport Heist – Amsterdam ($ 118 million est.)

Schiphol Airport Heist, Amsterdam

Schiphol Airport Heist, Amsterdam

The robbery took spot on February 25th 2005 by four males who stole a cargo truck of KLM Royal dutch airlines. The got hold of the uniform and executed the robbery to stay away from suspicion. By undertaking this they got an entry into the cargo location and got hold of the uncut diamonds planned to be delivered to Antwerp diamond center. This is the biggest diamond robbery. Diamonds with an estimated worth of at least $ 118 million were stolen. It was the second time in 6 months that the airport terminal had been breached.

two. Millennium Dome Diamond Heist – England ($ 267.72 million)

Millennium Dome Diamond Heist

Millennium Dome Diamond Heist, England

Police foiled the attempted theft of $ 267.7 million worth of diamonds on display at the tourist attraction in south London’s Millennium Dome. The robbers had planned to make their way to the display via a JCB digger. They had planned their escape up the river Thames on a speedboat. 5 men had been caught and received among 5 and 18-year sentences. 1 member of the gang had visited the dome prior to the thievery with a video camera, unaware that undercover police was also filming him. Police replaced the diamonds with fake crystals 1 day prior to the robbery and foiled the robbery on the 7th November 2000. The police operation to catch the robbers was codenamed “Operation Magician”.

1. Dar Es Salaam Bank Robbery – Baghdad, Iraq ($ 282 million)

Baghdad Bank Robbery

Dar Es Salaam Bank Robbery, Iraq

3 guards at a bank in Baghdad produced the most significant heist of the decade on 11th July 2007. The robbery took spot at the Dar Es Salaam bank which is a private financial institution in the Sa’adun district in central Baghdad. They successfully took away $ 282 million. The stolen cash was in American dollars and not Iraqi dinars. According to an unofficial report, the robbers also took away some $ 150,000 worth of Iraqi currency. No one is caught till date.

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