ten Beautiful Examples of Water Sculpture Photography

Sculptures are artwork that are generally made up by shaping or combining supplies like plastic, marble, stone, metals or the likes. This is an experimental kind of sculpturing produced up of water but considering that water is unable to retain it’s shape, this variety of sculpturing is limited to photography. Beneath are the ten stunning examples of water sculpturing photography.

ten. Bearded Man


9. Alien

Liquid water sculpture alien


eight. Bell

Liqud Water Sculpture Bell

Vladimir Nefedov

7. Legs

Liqud Water Sculpture Legs

Liquid Sculptures

6. Earth

Liqud Water Sculpture Earth

DeviantArt: Rich Allen

5. Lips

Liqud Water Sculpture Lips

Liquid Sculptures

4. Horse


3. Elephant

DeviantArt: Rich Allen

2. Girl

Vladimir Nefedov

1. Swan

Liqud Water Sculpture Swan

DeviantArt: Rich Allen

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