Stray Dogs Undertaking Public Very good

[Photo: China Day-to-day]

People Day-to-day On-line: A project to train stray dogs to help elderly folks and these challenging of hearing has been launched in Beijing.

The China Beijing Hearing-Dog Association plans to select dogs from an animal shelter in northern Changping district that is managed by the Beijing public security bureau, and to invite dog trainers from Japan.

“We’ll pick young dogs, due to the fact it’s easier to train them,” project leader Wang Yue mentioned on Monday. “The breed of dog is not so crucial.”

To date, 24 residents have applied to turn out to be students in hearing-dog coaching.

“We choose applicants with some experience of training dogs and that have wonderful passion for dogs,” Wang stated. “The selected people will find out hand-sign language initial from the Japanese instructors.

A base for training guide dogs for the blind has been established in Dalian in Northeast China’s Liaoning province.

Stray dogs to be trained to support individuals [Men and women Day-to-day On the internet]

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