Remarkable Sculptures that look Frozen In Time

Have you ever wondered how the planet will appear like if you enter a state of hyper-time, the clocks will nearly stop and issues will seem frozen in time. A bunch of artists have captured this theory of relativity into their remarkable sculptures, which we would like to share with you.

The Frozen Bird


Sculptor Claire Morgan from Belfast is the creator of this magnificent art function. She has amongst other items achieved a very first class degree in Sculpture from Northumbria University.

Matrix Inspired Man


Peter Jansen should have watched the slow motion parts in The Matrix thousands of instances. A student of physics and philosophy, the Dutch sculptor captures sequences of human movements inside a single frame of space and time. The outcome is really beautiful.

Liquid Sculpture


Engaging metaphors for life and and as intriguing to the eye as it is thought provoking.

Flying Strawberry Lawn, Paris


A glance of this seemed like if it will fall down. Exhibited at Developing With Colour, Gallery North, Newcastle, and Consumer, Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

Steel Eagle


Just whoa… the consideration to detail is wonderful, like the fluff on the talons and the radial lines about the eye, hung from nylon, it is an artistic piece that glides.

Heck Freezes More than


Beauty since always was in the eye of the beholder but now appears in the hands of the beholder, its an absolute beauty, crystal gel piece so marvelously produced and faint nylon strings hold the crystal droplets that it incredibly looks a true water plum.

Ball of Youth, Paris


A image worth a thousand words.

Water on the Brain


A focus on open spaces, created almost totally free of matter and weight, its a big beauty!

Kinetic BMW


Newly-renovated BMW Welt in Munich, Germany is a kinetic sculpture by ART+COM. This project makes use of 714 metal balls that are individually suspended by barely visible strings, creating a weightless mass. Every single ball lowers and retracts independently that makes it possible for them to approximate any kind.

Stand-Still Waterfall, NY


An incredible water fall sculpture, with a bit of tinkering, you can actually alter its look. And, like sand sculpture, your perform will be somewhat ephemeral.

Floating Traveler Sculpture, Geneva


This picture shows Cédric le Borgne’s sculpture floating through the air near Pont de la Machine. It was taken on a travel to Geneva, Switzerland, Europe.

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