Recycling Old Diapers Into Furnishings

Each and every year more than 160 million diapers (or nappies as they are identified in the UK) are sent to Scotland’s landfills. Even so a new recycling scheme is aiming to take those employed diapers and turn them into park benches, garden furnishings, decking, bollards, railway sleepers, fencing, roof tiles and cardboard. Other bathroom wastewill also be recycled, including incontinence merchandise, wet wipes, nappy sacks and cotton wool.

The scheme will be trialled inside four Scottish councils – Fife, Stirling, Perth and Kinross and North Lanarkshire – and across 36,000 properties. It will run for six months at initial, but if profitable, it will be taken nationwide.

The project is funded by Zero Waste Scotland, who hope the project will not only make it simpler for parents in the 4 pilot regions to do their bit for the atmosphere, but also reduce down on the 450,000 nappies that are dumped each and every day in Scotland. Apparently a infant (in Scotland) makes use of on typical four.16 nappies per day and less than ten% are reusable.

Scotland to Recycle Old Diapers and Turn Them Into Furniture! [Inhabitat]

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