eight Strangest Apps for Your iPhone

If you are 1 of the millions around the planet who owns an iPhone, probabilities are you’ve downloaded at least a handful of apps from the App Retailer. Some of these apps may be for perform, some for entertaining, and some of them could be just downright strange.

We did some digging, and came up with the Leading Nine Strangest Apps for your iPhone:

eight. iBeer

The iBeer app is a school student’s dream. This app turns your iPhone into a virtual pint glass. Tilt the phone towards your mouth like you are drinking from it, and the beer will disappear as you “drink” it. For the distinguished iPhone-drinker, you can also choose champagne or wine.

7. My Girl’s Day

This app, geared towards guys, keeps track of a woman’s menstrual cycle, so that the man can hold track of when to anticipate “mood swings” and “food cravings.” It also shows when the lady is most likely to be in a position to become pregnant, assisting couples who are trying to conceive.

6. Hold On

This is an app that barely needs any explanation. For 99 cents, you can download this app that has a single goal: to see how long you can “hold on.” The objective is to keep your finger pressed down on the Hold button as extended as you can, and it will even time you to see your prime score.

5. Annoyance

Want to annoy your close friends, co-workers, or your self? This app permits you to select from some extremely annoying sounds to play back to make certain that no one wants to be anywhere close to you. Some example sounds contain jackhammer, baby crying, sirens, and chainsaw.

4. LOL Maker

If you’ve been around the world wide web for much more than 5 minutes, you’ve probably run into the internet sensation that is “LOL Cats” – photographs of cats overlaid with captions. With the LOL Maker app, you can use your iPhone to generate your personal LOL Cats image, complete with custom captions.

3. Dog Whistler

If your dog is constantly operating away, or if you are just possessing a difficult time finding him to stay, the Dog Whistler app will solve all your troubles. This app emits a whistling sound to call your dog to heal. Some of the frequencies are so high, that you won’t be able to hear them, but your dog will.

two. That’s What She Stated

If you’ve noticed the Television show The Workplace, you’ll keep in mind Michael’s preferred phrase, “That’s What She Said!” This app functions a giant red button that will shout out this phrase for you in dozens of diverse styles. Just don’t press also tough, or you may well break it! (That’s what she said!)

1. iVoodoo

Hunting for a portable voodoo doll to inflict discomfort on your enemies? This is the app for you. iVoodoo lets you use photos from your photo gallery to paste as the face of the doll. Angry at your boss for making you function on Saturday? Want to get revenge on an ex for cheating on you? This app will help you do just that.

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