Best 10 Strange Uses of Placenta

The placenta is an amazing organ that supports your baby in utero. It is a mediator between the life flow of the mother and baby. It is an organ that connects the developing fetus to the uterine wall to allow nutrient uptake, waste elimination, and gas exchange via the mother’;s blood supply. It provides nutrient to the baby, allows gas exchange via the mother’s blood supply and eliminates waste. Placenta comes out with the baby at the time of birth. It is rich in hormones and proteins. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. We know how useful placenta is within the mother’;s uterus but it has weird extra-uterine uses that would be surprising for us.

10. Cultural Use

The placenta is believed by some communities to have power over the lives of the baby or its parents. Many species of mammals consume their placentas. Additionally in many human cultures placenta’;s are consumed. This may be for nutrition but often it has a cultural significance. In China and Hongkong, the placenta is eaten, a practice known as placentophagy. There is also a school of thought that holds that placentophagy naturally occurred to hide any trace of childbirth from predators in the wild. Those who advocate placentophagy in humans believe that eating the placenta prevents postpartum depression and other pregnancy complications.

9. In Anti-Aging Products

Many companies currently sell skin treatments which contain extracts of animal placenta. The most common type of placenta used is sheep. Allegedly the placenta extract serves as a source of protein and hormones, predominantly estrogen and progesterone. Sheep Placenta offers one of the richest sources of nutrients and immune co-factors to highly benefit your skin. It is know that Sheep placenta is effective in reversing the aging process. Apart from the anti-aging properties, sheep placenta has many benefits such as to help lighten the appearance of freckles, pigmentation and dark spots, smoothen skin and help with an even toned complexion, increase skin elasticity plus help reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles. You can buy one on Amazon.

8. In Hair Products

Placenta is also used in hair products as shampoos, conditioners and hair lotions. Allegedly placental harmone are great for hair loss and growth. They gently cleanses hair while bathing each strand in a replenishing bath of proteins that will strengthen hair, also helps repair split ends, restore manageability and renews shine and bounce. Buy one here.

7. Use in Food

There are a number of foods, many with touted health benefits, that use placenta as a direct ingredient. This is in addition to ritual consumption by mothers and families in many cultures. Plantec Co LTD in Japan makes a drink called “;Placenta Drink”; which contains placenta. The company claims that “;It is a drink that used the placenta raw material”; (SIC) and “;The expectation that makes the body metabolism active can be done”; (SIC) and “;It is a drink of the apple taste”; (SIC).

6. In Healing & Rejuvenation

Placenta, horse placenta. It is all a rage in the world of English Football (Soccer to the natives of USA) right now. No, it is not for beauty treatment but to heal sports injury! Yes, you hear it right, horses’; placentas are being used to heal muscular and ligaments injury. It came to the light of day when Robin Van Persie, the Dutch and Arsenal star striker was injured during a friendly international match and was diagnosed to have damaged his ankle ligament and that means at least four weeks out. In a highly publicized move, he went to see a Serbian doctor by the name of Marijana Kovacevic who uses horse placenta as a therapy. At Placenta Apothecary,  there are many different ways to use the placenta for healing. In addition to placenta encapsulation, placenta tincture and placenta essence are used. Furthermore, a portion of the placenta can be made into homeopathic placenta tincture and/or globules. For instance, dried placenta can be used to make healing creams and ointments for the skin.

5. In Anti-Obesity Agents

hCG (Human Choriogonadotropin) from placenta mobilizes fat from fat deposits, the authors designed a Double Blind Study performed on obese volunteers. The result of this study suggests that its oral administration , significantly decreases the total amount of subcutaneous body fat from specific deposits of fat. Since an increased amount of body fat is  responsible for the genesis and maintenance of obesity, it is useful for the treatment of obesity and is since then being used.

4. Stem Cell Therapy

Placenta stem cell therapy is a type of adult stem cell therapy that utilizes the placenta, or afterbirth of a woman who has undergone the child birthing process. Placenta stem cell therapy (PST) has been researched for over two decades, but only recently have researchers and scientists understood the impact that placenta stem cell therapy and treatment has on a multitude of auto-immune diseases such as osteoarthritis and systemic arteriosclerosis and many other chronic illness conditions and symptoms.

3. As Anti-Depressant

In light and moderate depression, in precocious stages, especially when conventional therapy is not well-tolerated or it has contraindications; the plancental extracts are useful. Besides that, they are useful in treatment of Parkinson’;s Disease where it can be used in monotherapy or associated with other antiparkinsonian drugs, especially with dopaminergic agents.

2. To Increase Potency

Purtier Placenta Live Cell is extracted from fresh deer placenta which contains the most active and most energetic live stem cells. It has been well-known as a miracle substance to help people to regain youth and become popular among the rich since its discovery. Deer placenta has been accepted as the premier source of placenta. Deer is considered to be a “higher order” animal, and deer placenta very closely resembles human placenta chemically. Deer Placenta Capsule ingredients start with fresh placenta cells and is a rich source of nutrients and growth factors. Menopause and sexual impotence can benefit from stimulation by fresh placenta cells. Your sex drive and potency will be boosted with more endurance and vitality – you can have more satisfactory sex life and a stronger relationship. Its extract’;s are the agents used by bodybuilders during or after a cycle of anabolic steroids (AAS) to help maintain or restore testicular function.

1. Fights Cancer & Tumors

More recently a cancer-like tumor appearing in AIDS patients, named Kaposi sarcoma caused by Human herpesvirus 8 can be treated by placental extract. Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) is a systemic disease which can present with cutaneous lesions with or without internal involvement. Besides that sublingual placental treatment is also beneficial for a tumor of elderly men, benign prostatic hyperplasia.

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