Are Cuban Cigars Prohibited?

Che Guevara With Cigar

Communist Revolutionary Che Guevara With Cigar Photo credit: Wikipedia

Cuban cigars possess a lengthy standing as the best cigars cash can purchase. Cigar aficionados all over the world have already been enjoying them. But are Cuban cigars prohibited in America

The response to the question goes back to February of 1962 through the peak of the Cold War, when President John F. Kennedy created a trade embargo against Cuba as a sanction against Castro’s communist regime. At that time, Fidel Castro’s communist revolutionaries were active capturing private property and had only assumed power. Castro’s recently established communist regime was considered a significant threat at that time to democracy.

When Castro allowed the Soviet Union to construct nuclear missile bases capable of attacking to the center of America actually, the Cuban missile crisis happened as the trade embargo. For the younger generation who may not know about the event, the Cuban missile crisis was probably the closest the world has ever come to the full out nuclear war. Following the Cuban missile crisis, American intelligence agencies made numerous efforts to assassinate Castro, including one effort that entailed paradoxically poisoning his cigar. In the eyes of Uncle Sam, any kind of commerce with Cuba is tantamount to supporting communism a rather serious offense throughout the Cold war.

Basically, Cuban cigars continue to be not legal due to the recognized trade embargo. The trade embargo stays while communism is not any longer the threat it once was and Fidel Castro is not in office.

The truth is, the Usa government dislikes Fidel Castro so considerably, when they are bought in Cuba that Cuban cigars are not just illegal for Americans to smoke or import into the United States they are not legal to buy and import any everywhere in the world.

Do You Know The Penalties

The punishments for participation in just about any kind of trades including Cuban cigars can contain:

  • Confiscation of the cigars
  • Fines of up to 55,000 per infraction
  • Criminal prosecution including higher fines/imprisonment

The trade embargo will stay, and so that you can appreciate fine cuban cigars American cigar aficionados will need to skirt the law.

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