21 Crazy, Inventive and Cool Teapots

Drinking tea and  arranging tea parties have often been a favorite activity of the masses. The aroma and flavor of the tea enhances with the crockery used to serve and drink tea. The crockery expresses and describes a particular person’s taste and personality. Add a flavor to your tea making use of this exciting collection of teapots and tea sets.

1. Lipstick Stand Teapot

Lipstick Teapot

This teapot would catch everyone’s eye in a lady’s get together or coffee or tea party. It looks like a lipstick holder. You can order this for instant U.S.A. delivery via FedEx or USPS. For payment and pricing facts e-mail at elainehydeglass@aol.com.

two. Animal Shaped Teapots


White Elephant Teapot

White Elephant Teapot

This cute but classy teapot is accessible in $ 14 only. For far more details you could adhere to the link.

Cigno Teapot

Swan Shaped, Cingo Teapot

This swan shaped, classy, elegant and inventive teapot is developed by the designer Adam Hammerman.

Cow Teapot

Cow Teapot

Mowing cow shaped, black and white teapot would be an interesting collection in your crockery. This teapot charges $ 24.95 and can be purchased at the link.

three. Egg Teapot

Egg Teapot

Egg Teapot

You can buy this cute teapot in $ 39.95 at the link.

4. Eye Ball Shaped Teapot

Eye Ball Teapot

Egg Ball Teapot

This inventive teapot has a ceramic base and stainless steel frame. It makes the tea table sophisticated and modern. It is Zygo Teapot by Shaun Redsar.


5. Mobile Telephone Teapot

Mobile Phone Teapot


Mobile Telephone Teapot

This teapot is created by The teapottery. It expenses $ 47.7

6. Elegant Jeweled Teapot

Rutilated Teapot


Rutilated Teapot

This 7&#8243 tall stunning and sophisticated teapot, is an iridized glass vessel with fabricated sterling silver lid, handle and spout, rutilated quartz, amethyst, topaz, and aquamarine set in 22 karat gold, adorning the silver. You can order this for immediate U.S.A. delivery by way of FedEx or USPS. For payment and pricing specifics e-mail at elainehydeglass@aol.com.

7. Pearls and Rose Set Teapots

Rose Teapot


Rose Set Teapot

Pearl Fountain Teapot


Pearl Fountain Teapot

These elegant teapots are created entirely in silver. They are painted white and set with pearl fringe and vintage rhinestone brooches. Elegant handmade roses decorate the top and the front. This gorgeous teapot is obtainable in $ 97.99 at M.G. Collectibles.

8. Handbag Teapot

Handbag Teapot


Handbag Teapot

This exciting teapot is developed by artist Meghan Runkle Bernard. It is not only for display but has a constructed-in tea strainer. In spot of a purse closure is a detachable lid to pour hot liquid. It is accessible in three colors i.e. white, green and blue at a price tag of $ 189.00. To order follow the link.

9. Pirates Teapot

Pirate Teapot

Pirate Teapot

This crazy searching yet remarkable teapot is an exceptional gift item. For pricing and delivery facts you could adhere to the following link.

10. Skull Tea Set

Skull Teaset

Skull Tea Set

This German created, funky looking 9 piece porcelain tea set consists of 6 espresso cups, 1 sugar bowl, 1 creamer and 1 teapot is available at a value of $ 297.99. To buy you may possibly adhere to the following  link

11. Telephone Booth Teapot

Telephone Booth Teapot

Telephone Booth Teapot

This cool teapot can be ordered at the following link at a price tag of $ 36.7.

12. Santa Claus Teapot

Santa Claus Teapot

Santa Claus Teapot

Brighten your christmas with this Santa Claus teapot. The teapot is dishwasher secure, weighs 1.five lbs and is 7 1/4&#8243 x four 1/2&#8243 x 7&#8243 high. It is offered at a value of $ ten.43 at the following link.

13. Mermaid Teapot

Mermaid Teapot

Mermaid Teapot

For all Mermaid fans, this lovely teapot is within range at a value of $ 52.99 at the following  link.

14. Sports Automobile Teapot

Sports Car Teapot

Sports Car Teapot

This Sadler racing vehicle is offered in Bue “Mint” color at ebay in $ 410.31. You could adhere to the link to spot an order.

15. Sapphire and Diamond Teapot

Sapphire and Diamond Teapot

This unique and stunning teapot, set in Sapphire and Diamonds is designed by artist Donald Clark. The artist used  objects like foil, dice, game pieces, rings and faux jewels to add a jewel touch to the teapot. The teapot is a fantastic gift for a person unique and can be bought from ArtFulHome for $ 975.

Silver and Diamond Tea Set
Silver, Gold and Diamond Tea Set

Silver, Gold and Diamond Tea Set


This elegant and lovely teapot set in diamonds and produced in silver and gold is a creation by Sharleen Spiteri, the vocalist and guitarist of the band Texas.

16. Halloween Teapot

Witch Teapot

Witch Teapot for Halloween Celebration

Make your halloween celebration appealing and a lot more intriguing with wonderful crockery made particularly for the party. This teapot is accessible at a value of $ 59. For more facts, you may comply with the following link.

17. Teapot With Legs

Black Legs Black HatTeapot

Black Legged Teapot

This black legged teapot, deigned by Stephan Cox is created in blown and sculpted glass. It is priced at $ 6800. For much more details, adhere to the link.

Teapot with Legs of Lady


This teapot named as “Blaue Blume Tea Pot from Undergrowth” is created by Tina Tsang. It has a price of $ 110.7. To see the entire collection, comply with the link.

18. Heart Shaped Teapot For Your Belowed

Heart Teapot

Heart Shaped Teapot

Give this intriguing teapot to your mother or wife and they will adore this gift. It is designed by the artist Romero Brinto and expenses $ 54.5. You can location an order at the link.


19. Ink Pot Shaped Teapot

Ink Pot Teapot

Ink Pot Shaped Teapot

This special teapot can be ordered at the following link. It expenses $ 85

20. Toilet Teapot

Toilet Teapot

Toilet Teapot

This weird teapot comes from Tony Carter’s collection. It fees $ 132 and can be ordered by way of link.

21. Books and Tea Teapot

Books and Tea Teapot

Books and Tea Teapot

Get pleasure from a cup of tea even though reading your favourite book with the teapot. This teapot will express your taste and character. It costs $ 103 and can be ordered at the link.


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