20 Most Creative Restroom Accessories

20. Anti-Slip Banana Peels


Your restroom is no place for slapstick slip-and-fall routines. To make certain a sure-footed shower, peel these bananas and apply them to the floor of your bathtub or shower stall. Turns out, bananas are good for your health. 3 life-size stickers in every single peggable package. Developed by our clever friends Ivan Duval and Jean-Sebastien Ides of Atypyk Paris.  Buy here at $ 6.

19. Magnetic Soap Holder

Magnet Soap Holder

Remove that ugly, messy soap jelly and get a magnetic soap holder right here at $ 16.99. This looks as if the soap is in fact floating in mid air, providing a futuristic look. Employing these magnetic soap holders makes the soap last longer. You could rather go for liquid soap to do away with the bar and the mess that goes with it. But exactly where is the entertaining in that? These soap holders look fascinating and absolutely provide a sense of sophistication to your bathroom.

18. Toothpaste Squeezer


Are you 1 of these people who flies into a frothing rage if a guest (gasp!) squeezes the toothpaste in the middle? Do you lay the virtually empty tube on the side of the sink and gently push the final of the minty gloop towards the opening, or even slice the tube open and scrub your toothbrush onto the newly-bared interior to mop up the final of the precious fluids? Then you need Toothpaste Squeezer. This wall-mountable guy, a small plastic device that winds and compresses the tube evenly, allowis for maximum usage of each tube. The design and style comes in 4 different colors. Acquire right here at $ 4.39.

17. Stuck Bath Plug


Obtaining a bath can be such a relaxing treat when you’re in the mood, but let’s face it, once you’ve sat there stewing for a handful of minutes and the water’s started to go a bit cold, the entire expertise can turn into boring. Unless that is, you’re the proud owner of what need to be the coolest damn bath plug on earth. Stuck will fit any plug, anyplace and is quiet basically, extremely cool. No fish were harmed in the producing of this item. Stuck Bath Plug measures 9cm from plug to fishy tail. Acquire here at  $ 15.75.

16. The High Tech Toilet Seat

japanese toilet

You hit the noisemaker button that tends to make a flushing sound to mask any noise you could be making in the john. You hit the button that begins the blow-dryer for your bottom. Then you hit the bidet button and watched helplessly as a little plastic arm, sort of a squirt gun shaped like a toothbrush, appeared from the back of the bowl and began shooting a stream of warm water to wash your butt. Yes this is the high tech Japanese toilet. If you need a single, get a single here at $ 400.

15. Bath Crayons


Are you artistic during bath too? This set of six multicoloured bath crayons can be employed safely to decorate the sides of a bath tub with your own messages, games or operates of art. Every single crayon slides into its plastic case for clean storage and crayon marks can be washed off bathtub surfaces following use. Note: though bath crayons will wash off most fabrics, it is suggested that the crayons are only employed on the bathtub. Get here at just $ 8.31.

14. Bubble Scrubber

Bubble Scrubber

Introducing Bubble Scrubber, the bathing brush with an anatomically right bubble wand hidden proper inside the bristles. And, as everyone knows: bubble wand + washing up liquid + water = Bubble City. Brighten up bathing time and blow a few bubbles at just $ 11.72.

13. Goatee Saver


If you want to have the ideal goatee? Catch the GoateeSaver at$ 20. You just chomp on this bit and then you can shave about it for best benefits every single time. And you adjust 3 rollers’s width, flawlessly conforming to your face, and also to your notion of what a true goatee looks like. Inventor by Scott Bonge. A Hannibal Lecter-searching device. A clever kit for guys these want to have the goatee.

12. Motion Activated Toilet Light


An innovative answer to finding your way to the loo at evening. It’s called the Lav Nav. Short for Lavatory Navigator. The Lav Nav turns on when you method in the dark, and turns off after you leave, shining with gentle but enough light where you require it, when you require it. The Lav Nav makes the toilet simple to uncover without having blinding your self with light in the middle of the night. Bathroom lights can be painfully vibrant in the middle of the night. So why switch them on? Perfect for those nights where you are staggering around trying to locate the loo. The Lav Nav incorporates a nightlight, visual targeting technique, and Place-The-Seat-Down reminder technology. The Lav Nav utilizes a red or green light to cleverly show the position of the seat. A red light signifies the loo seat is up, green means it’s down. It’s vibrant, enjoyable and really valuable! Acquire here at $ 19.95.

11. Swipe


Is your bathroom mirror steamed up once again? Just give it a Swipe! This handy little razor has a squeegee instead of a blade, so swipe it across your misty mirror so now you can do your dirty operate with clear vision. Stick it up when you’re carried out – it comes with a powerful double suction cup that’ll cling to each mirror and tile. Swipe! is packed in a mirror-style peggable, recyclable clear box. Defog your mirror at just $ 5.95.

10. Geekie Bathroom Duck


The rubber yellow duck is the all time preferred bath buddy. But if you bored that the duckie can’t do nothing, just say “Peeeeep” when you squeeze it, you may possibly want a thing new. A fun original gift notion the magical mini colour altering rubber duck modifications colour when in get in touch with with warm liquids and this duck can sing five songs in the duck language. Feel it or not, it can sing the Che Che Kule, Twinkle Twinkle Small Star, Parade of the Wooden Soldiers, Excellent-Hearted Duck and My Grandfather’s Clock song. Wither cute eyes, she also can blink her eyes. The most weird feature is the Splash function. This small duckling can splash water from her head. It’s a duck, not a whale and it’s weird to see a duck splash water. Even though this function is not suitable, it is funny. Purchase here at $ 18.

9. Swan Hand Cloth and Towel Holder


This simple design from will bring a smile to your face everytime you use it, regardless of whether you hang it in the bathroom to raise a smile from going to guests or in the kitchen to cheer up dish drying time, you will often get a reaction! This holder can be wall mounted by screw or with a sticky pad (both included). Get right here at $ 25.99.

8. Talking TP Holder

Talking TP holderSpeaking TP is a electronic toilet paper spindle that makes it possible for you to record a 6 second message for playback whenever an individual grabs some toilet paper. It didn’t take long for this product to be repackaged as the Potty Mate Talking Toilet Roll Holder. This version involves a potty instruction guide and reward stickers. Press the record button and start off talking. Then replace the spindle on your existing toilet roll holder with the Potty Mate. Anytime toilet paper is pulled, the Potty Mate will rotate and trigger the playback of your recording. You can record a new message over the old one particular any time you like. Example messages listed on packaging and advertising components consist of: “Dan! I’m so pleased to see you are going potty in the toilet.” “Great job Joey way to go!” “Take your time, there’s no require to hurry!” “Oh, but we can do better than that, can’t we?”
What message would you record for your toddler to hear? Please, don’t let your child’s fragile psyche hinder your brainstorming. Movie quotes are fair game, too. Make your TP speak for only &amp9.98.

7. Arse – Face Soap

Arse - Face Soap

Avoid embarrassing arse/face contamination with this ingenious gift! With Arse written on one side and Face on the other, this soap makes it possible for a degree of Arse /Face separation never just before noticed. How did you ever live without having it? Make positive you in no way wash your face with the incorrect side of the soap once more! Buy right here at just a half pound. If you like this, you may also like face-butt towel here.

6. Temperature Controlled LED Shower Head Light

Temperature Controlled LED Shower Head Light

Temperature sensitive LED shower head provides a visual indication of water temperature. Temperature Controlled LED Shower Head Light with hot, warm, cold water detection colors. The LEDs adjust with the temperature of the water to show you the specifically what to count on just before you jump in. The LEDs will even flash red if the temperature is too hot, above 114.8 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees C), to warn you of a possible burn. It’s wonderful for nearly any shower. No batteries are essential and the power source is strictly from the water existing. When water flows through, the LED will light immediately and automatically. Purchase at just $ 13.48 right here.

5. Entertaining Toilet Papers

cool toilet papers

Do you need hours of distraction like Sudoku in your washroom simply because you just take as well considerably time or you could like cleaning it away with a hundred dollar bill toilet paper? Or do you turn your bathroom into a crime scene from time to time and don’t want any a single to fall victim of your deadly stench. Every roll consists of 130 feet of printed two ply toilet tissue. Ideal exclusive &amp funny toilet papers for parties. Purchase right here at just $ 6 a roll.

4. Toothpaste Dispensing Automatic Toothbrush

toothpaste dispensing automatic toothbrush

A toothpaste dispensing automatic toothbrush requires revolutionary technology that delivers a specially formulated liquid crest to the bristles automatically with just a push of button as an alternative of manual placing of toothpaste. It involves a head member mounted atop a body member with a brush head releasably coupled to the head member. A reservoir for containing toothpaste is positioned in the body member along with a pump assembly and very first motor. The 1st motor is linked to a battery and drives the pump assembly when actuated by depression of a initial switch whereby to urge toothpaste from the reservoir through a channel and onto bristles of the brush head. The brush head includes a rotor with rotor bristles that is operatively linked to a second motor. The second motor may be energized upon actuation of a second switch to cause movement of the rotor. A recharging base might be integrated for recharging a rechargeable toothbrush battery. Acquire here at $ 129.88 with free of charge three toothpaste refills.

three. Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

Nose Shower Gel dispenser

Just squeeze or press it and green shower gel oozes out of the  nostril. Gross and funny at the identical time! Rubber nose attaches to flat surface with suction cups. Effortless to fill involves five.three oz. green shower gel and directions. I think I can also put this 9-inch-high Nose Shower Gel even  in my kitchen to dispense lime Jello Mello. As well negative it only exudes gel out of the proper nostril. Acquire here at only $ 12.95.

2. The RSStroom Reader


I haven’t been this excited about any product in very some time. Combining your RSS addiction with your every day trip to the can has never ever been less difficult, with the RSStroom Reader, from Yi Tien Electronics. It’s this crazy machine that hooks up to your personal computer wirelessly, and prints random RSS posts right to your toilet paper, for you to read prior to you, eh, use it. The greatest portion of it is, it integrates “biometrically” with your toilet bowl. When you sit, it’ll weigh you, and according to the outcome, deliver your customized feed. And then, of course, the rest goes back to nature. The factor looks like it could be a Taiwan only supplying, but who understands how extended it’ll take to make its way right here.

1. Breast-Shaped Shampoo Dispenser

Do you fancy fondling a pert pair of bosoms in the shower every single day? Truly that’s most likely a silly query. Shower Breasts are assured to make you want to wash far more usually. These breast-shaped shampoo dispensers are a teenage boy’s greatest friend. This naughty nipple-topped pair attaches to your shower wall with the suckers provided, with every single bosom possessing a compartment for shower gel, shampoo or conditioner. To dispense, simply squeeze away – but be warned, you could run out of shower gel extremely rapidly. Space saving and enjoyable. 14.95 ($ 26) gets you a pair.

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