12 Cool and Exclusive Hi-Tech Gadgets Beneath $100

Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming. It’s time to get gift for your loved ones. But gift acquiring usually brings confusion with it. We want to purchase the ideal gift for our loved ones and can’t choose what to get. This list is a collection of hi-tech cool and exclusive gadgets beneath $ 100 which make excellent and useful gift products.

12. Cloud B Twilight Ladybug – Night Light ($ 32)

Cloud B Twilight Ladybug - Night Light

Cloud B Twilight Ladybug – Evening Light

This is an ideal gift for your princess who gets scared in dark. Twilight Ladybug – Constellation Evening light is an superb way to make her pleased and make the fear run away. It transforms room into a magical place with it’s beauty and elegance. The evening light floats away in the room. You can make your kid’s bedroom heaven like by sticking glowing stars and moon on the roof leading and placing this gorgeous night light on his or her bed side table. It’s accessible in 3 colors: Sapphire blue, ruby red and emerald green. It runs on a AAA battery and can be purchased at a price tag of $ 32 at link.

11. MP3 Player Bluetooth Sunglasses ($ 38.99)

Sunglasses MP3 Player with Bluetooth 1GB Sun Glasses

This stylish Mp3 Player sunshades are an superb option whilst driving, jogging or hiking. The MP3 Player functions for all Bluetooth mobile phones and can be utilised with non-Bluetooth mobile phones and Mp3 Players with the use of a cable. It has a built in rechargeable battery and embedded microphone. The sunglasses have a built in memory of 1 GB. For more details you could follow the link.

ten. Your Zone Speaker Pillow ($ 14)

Your Zone Speaker Pillow, Grey Flannel

Your Zone Speaker Pillow, Pink Flannel

This intriguing gadget is for all music lovers. This soft pillow has inbuilt speakers. Just plug your favourite mp3 or mp4 player into its port and you can take pleasure in music while sleeping. Wallmart.com gives it at a value as low as $ 14.

9. Navman N40i Automobile Navigator ($ 75)

Navman N40i Automobile Navigator

Navman N40i Automobile Navigator

This device has high technologies GPS navigation method. It comes with a three.five&#8243 touch screen. This exceptional friend and guide although travelling can be bought from Amazon.com at a price of $ 75.


8. Scratch-n-Scroll Noteable Mousepad ($ 15)

Scratch and Scroll Mousepad

This interesting gadget is an superb option for all those who require a pen and paper to jott down some reminder, telephone quantity or idea or to make some calculations while working on their desk and can’t find a pen and a paper. We can now just write whatever we feel like on this mouse pad cum writing pad with the help of our finger or a plastic stylus. It’s slim and has a smooth surface. It can be purchased at a price of $ 15 from link. It’s a brilliant gift for your father or husband who gets irritated on not discovering a pen on his table.

7. Music Mouse Pad with Speaker &amp Microphone &amp USB Port &amp Midi Jack  ($ 12.59)

Music Mouse Pad with Speaker &amp Microphone &amp USB Port &amp Midi Jack

This wonderful mouse is all in one particular, serving many functions. It contains a brilliant quality voice chat system, mic, speakers, USB port, stereoscopic connectors for headset and audio output, mini LED indicator and a clean mouse pad. The technique has multi platform compatibility and needs no drivers for  XP, 2000, 98SE, Linux two.4 &amp mac OS eight.five and so on. All this is accessible at an incredible price tag of $ 12.59 at link.

6. Magic Mug ($ 17.5)

Magic Mug

This apparently ordinary mug is not at all ordinary. The mug magically reveals messages from your heart to your loved ones when they pour any hot drink of their selection into it. The magic photo mug is a heat sensitive mug, offered in blue or black. The outside of the mug seems black or blue, till some hot beverage is poured in, which turns the mug white and the personalized message or picture seems. The mug must not be employed in dishwasher or microwave due to its heat sensitive nature.

five. Griffin Technology iKAROKE Microphone for iPod ($ 21- $ 29)

iKAROKE Microphone for iPod

iKAROKE Microphone for iPod

Just plug in your iPod to this device with a dock connector and brush up your or your youngster’s singing skills. You can make your living space, bathroom or bedroom your own studio. iKaraoke’s all-in-a single microphone/processor isolates the singer’s vocals from your favorite music track and gives you opportunity to sing on your favourite tunes and make them yours. The device demands no batteries. For far more particulars, check out the link.

four. Solar Charger for Ipod Touch / Surge for iPod touch ($ 49.95) and Surge for iPhone ($ 79.95)

Solar Charger for iPhone and iPod

What could be far better than charging your ipod or iphone although using it. Solar charger is an excellent choice for those who use their ipods even though travelling lengthy distances. You can charge your telephone even though jogging, hikking or travelling. The phone can be charged in the course of a picnic utilizing this charger. The charger is sturdy, but lightweight and slim style and offers complete access to touch screen. It has the latest solar panel technology and LED status light indicator. Solar panels are specifically created for the Surge outputs five.5V at 100 mAh in complete sun. two hours of direct solar exposure supplies 30 minutes of speak time on a 3G network or 60 minutes speak time on a 2G network. The charger has a 1320 mAh battery. You can location an order at the following link.

3. Eyeclops Mini Projector ($ 70-$ 100)

Eyeclops Mini Projector

Eyeclops mini projector is an excellent decision to develop your own screen of up to 60-inches. This projector is easily linked to any DVD player, multimedia player, video game console and other video device. Just plug the device into A/V jack and produce your own house theater screen or take pleasure in your game on a larger screen. To get much more specifics and spot an order, adhere to the link.

2. USB Beverage Chiller or Warmer $ 23.99 and as low as $ 15

USB Beverage Chiller or warmer

USB beverage chiller or warmer is for all those operating for lengthy hours in their offices. This technique is platform independent and can be employed with any operating program. Just plug in this technique in the USB port of your Pc, laptop, xBox, playstation or any gaming console and enjoy chilled or hot drink inside minutes. It looks cool on your desktop and gives you warm tea or coffee or icy cold drink of your choice. The device is obtainable from $ 15 to $ 24 based on the brand and warranty terms. You can spot an order at Amazon.com . It’s an excellend gift for your hubby or boyfriend who spends long hours infront of the personal computer for his work and can’t get pleasure from his drink.

1. Multicolor Fusion Sound Equalizer Rave T-Shirt With Sound Sensor FM-002 ($ 21.99)

Multicolor Fusion Sound Equalizer Rave T-Shirt With Sound Sensor FM-002

Multicolor Fusion Sound Equalizer Rave T-Shirt With Sound Sensor

These super cool t-shirts are a most recent style incorporating style and technology. The shirts are excellent put on for parties, clubs and discos. These shirts are sound sensitive and the image starts animating following sensing music or sound. Using four AAA batteries the image can animate for hours. For washing just unplug the battery pack and wash the shirt with hands. Re-plug the system following drying and ironing the shirt. The shirt can be purchased at a cost of $ 21.99 from link and link.

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