10 Traits We’d Want to Have in a Superhuman Mutant

It is possible to isolate genes of various human characteristics. Its mind boggling to say that any biological property that exists in any living thing in any living world could be brought into human beings. It has its benefits like protecting people from genetically inherited illnesses but it doesn’t stop there, we are basically playing with evolution at a million times faster rate. With this not only the physical characteristics of human can be changed but also the mental characteristics. We already know of certain genes to cause to think in a certain way. The problem is there is no boundary between overcoming disease and providing enhancements. Such highly evolved super humans will be far superior to their humble ancestors, stronger, more intelligent and different to us as we are to earthworms. Some scientists might not realize this, but over a 1000 year time, the human species will split resulting in extinction of the weaker. For the very same reason, laws prevent us from going too far but who bars our imagination? Yes of course we desire to see mutants and since we got brains, we can picturize them so here are the 10 feasible  features everyone would like to see in a superhuman genetically engineered mutant. I repeat feasible which means don’;t tell me to put “;laser eyes”;, there should be an existent gene for that trait present somewhere  in universe and known to us to insert that in the mutant we are going to create.

10. Super Speed & Indefatigability


Superhuman Speed is the ability for a person to move faster than a normal human. One with this ability accomplishes it one of two ways, the first of which including superhumanly powerful and flexible legs. The second way includes the mind either exerting a force which propels the body at quicker speeds, or a different psychic force which allows the body’s molecules to vibrate at high speeds. Either way, this ability is often accompanied by Super-Reflexes which implies implies the presence of a reaction impulse and reaction time beyond that of a normal human and immunity to high amounts of friction. Ask a cheetah perhaps for gene donation.

Superspeed would be no fun if the person exhausts very quickly. Like for cheetah, the fastest mammal, he quickly develops lactic acid due to muscle energy expenditure and loses stamina. Indefatigability, also called Inexhaustibility or Tirelessness is a variation of Superhuman Stamina in which the user cannot grow tired at all. This ability can be used to run endless miles or the like without tiring. This can be accomplished a variety of ways. The user may generate perpetual metabolic energy from his mind (which is metabolized like normal energy), although another variation implies the user’s body generates no lactic acid at all, and his mind fortifies the muscles, bones and joints to maintain peak stamina. A genetic mutation in enzyme can cause lactic acid to be destroyed or reused as energy as soon as it is formed, this mutation if employed in humans will make them totally inexhaustable.

9. Accelerated Healing


Accelerated Healing includes healing from an injury or a disease at very fast rate. This can be accomplished by hyper-metabolism of the injurious substances and normal metabolism of others. An overall hyper-metabolism is not required because it harms body normal function but metabolism of only the required portions need to be accelerated to do the healing effect readily. One with this ability can even process junk food as though it was incredibly good for the body, and their bodies expunge any potentially harmful substances from the body with extreme efficiency and speed. The user can also recover from fatigue much quicker than normal, and can metabolize poisons and sicknesses through the body very quickly, allowing them to be sick for much shorter periods of time than normal. Metabolism revolves all around enzymes which are encoded by genes. Human bodies have already a mechanism for differentiating foreign materials, with a complex activation of only those genes which are involved in metabolism of foreign harmful particles and substance, this ability can be achieved.

8. Super Strength & Super Endurance

super strength

Fiction obsessed us for the ability to be stronger than humanly possible –; the super human strength. Well believe it or not, some humans already possess it due to a gene mutation in their DNAs. The similar mutation can be induced to make the superhuman with superstrength a reality. Myostatin is a protein active in muscles used for movement (skeletal muscles) both before and after birth. This protein normally restrains muscle growth, ensuring that muscles do not grow too large. Mutations that reduce the production of functional myostatin lead to an overgrowth of muscle tissue. Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy has a pattern of inheritance known as incomplete autosomal dominance. People with a mutation in both copies of the MSTN gene in each cell (homozygotes) have significantly increased muscle mass and strength.

Superendurance or Superdurability is the ability to resist damage beyond an average person. This can be accomplished by either exceptionally tough skin borrowed by animal genes, or decreasing pain receptors covering the skin, so he can perceive sensation, but cannot easily be hurt or stunned from concussive damage (normal weapons don’t easily inflict damage).

7. Invisibility


Invisibily and ambush is achieved by many predators in oceans and terrains, people rarely know about except the famous chamelion which is typically a color changing guy and not invisible. Examples include Mimic Octopus, seahorse, cephalopods, Pacific tree frogs and a few more. The main mechanism behind this is mostly camouflage, in case of cephalopods, their skin gets invisible, but others also changing color morphs with a change in background brightness. Colouration can be changed in milliseconds as they adapt to their environment and the pigment cells are expandable by muscular contraction. Color change is used as an expression of the physiological condition,  as a social indicator and most commonly ambush attacks. However perfect invisibility would not be possible if we transfer their genes to human because at first these animals at maximum of transparency, are translucent and do not achieve 100% invisibility but some may reach upto 80%. According to the laws of physics, a perfectly invisible person would necessarily be blind, no matter how their invisibility were achieved. To see light, the retina must absorb it, but for a person to be invisible, the body must not absorb or reflect light. So, to retain sight, at least pupil sized holes in the cloak would be necessary in front of the pupils and directly behind them on the back of the person as light isn’;t being transmitted through.  So yes, invisibility if we get all those genes inserted from cephalopods; can be achieved but atleast a pair of dots would still be necessarily visible because we like to see.

6. Beauty

Genetic Engineering is beyond what you thought. Did you wish for the most beautiful mate? Well there is hope for you. From choices of selection of hair color to skin tone, from eye color to body shape, from nose to toe, you can reprogram everything as like you wanted. There is no part of the body which can’;t be genetically modified. And for beauty sake, its a very simple venom unlike the complex procedures that would have to be followed in other modifications. From  brow shape to height to weight to everything, there is no boundary and there lies your beauty queen. Oh my, i love these mutations.

5. Flight


The idea of flight had always fascinated mankind. Ever since he saw birds flying, he wanted to fly so if it is possible then why don’;t they make this dream come true? A couple of strong wings is all that a human needs.  A wing is a surface used to produce lift for flight through the atmosphere. The lift force occurs because the air has a lower pressure just above the wing and higher pressure below. The most obvious adaptation to flight is the wing, but because flight is so energetically demanding birds have evolved several other adaptations to improve efficiency when flying. Birds’; bodies are streamlined to help overcome air-resistance. The large amounts of energy required for flight have led to the evolution of a unidirectional pulmonary system to provide the large quantities of oxygen required for their high respiratory rates.  Seems like a huge modification but as i said previously genetic engineering is playing with evolution at a very higher rate. When dinosaurs could transit from massive ugly beings to flying birds, it is possible with humans too.

4. Super Senses: Night Vision, Hearing, Smell

Night Vision

Testing indicates that an animal vision is superior at night in comparison to humans. Mostly felines and many other animals, have a tapetum lucidum, which is a reflective layer behind the retina that reflects light that passes through the retina back into the eye. While this enhances the ability to see in low light, it appears to reduce net visual acuity, thus detracting when light is abundant. In very bright light, the slit-like iris closes very narrowly over the eye, reducing the amount of light on the sensitive retina, and improving depth of field. Big cats have pupils that contract to a round point. The tapetum and other mechanisms give the cat a minimum light detection threshold up to seven times lower than that of humans. Recent studies have indicated that they may also see better in the near infra-red spectrum. That one sequence of genes isolation is what that can take you to the bright world of darkness. Don’;t worry the gene insertion won’;t change the pupil shape but yes your sclera might shine at night.

Animals also have a broader range of frequency of sounds they can hear attributed to the morphological design of their ear cells. Same applies for smell, most animals would have and ability to sense smell 15-20 times more than that of humans attributed to larger olfactory membrane in their noses. All such features are a tip from a genome project and can easily be manipulated in humans to get these super-senses.

3. Telepathy & Telekinesis

Digital Telepathy

Telepathy is the ostensible transfer of information on thoughts or feelings between individuals by means other than the five senses. A person who is able to make use of telepathy is said to be able to read the thoughts and stored information in the brain of others. One of the magical mysteries associated with multiples is that they share a special connection beyond that of ordinary siblings. While the twin bond is a special aspect of their unique relationship, sometimes it is endowed with extraordinary supernatural qualities. Telepathy has been established experimentally in humans but not all. In experiments the twins, children, were separated into different spaces. One was wired to a ‘;lie detector’; machine (the receiver end of telepathy link), while the other was used as the source of the link. The ‘;receiver‘; or the lie-detector machine operator weren’;t aware of what will be the stimulus for the ‘;transmitter‘;. The transmitting children were taken to another room where they were subjected to strong feelings. In one case, a child submerged his hand into ice-cold water. On another time he was being frightened by a sudden rubber snake coming at him. At both of these moments, spikes were recorded in the ‘;receiving’; twin brother. A similar experiment was performed with another pair of twins at another time. If such a gene is localized, then telepathy will be the inevitable future of humanity. That superhuman won’;t need internet, mobile phones and other services to send and access information but data would be free to his evolutionary nervous system.

On the other hand, there is telekinesis, ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye. So far we don’;t see much examples but psychoanalysists believe this is demonstrable and oh good for us, if it is, we’;ll add this to another trait we’;d like to have in our supermutant.

2. Extremophilia: Super Resistance


An extremophile is an organism that thrives in and may even require physically or geochemically extreme conditions that are detrimental to the majority of life on Earth. In the 1980s and 1990s, biologists found that microbial life has an amazing flexibility for surviving in extreme environments –; niches that are extraordinarily hot, or acidic, for example –; that would be completely inhospitable to complex organisms. Some scientists even concluded that life may have begun on Earth in hydrothermal vents far under the ocean’;s surface. Extremophiles are also thought to be the last organisms that will remain on Earth when the oceans will have vaporized. A massive genetic modification would be necessary to get the results of all ranges of extremophile types, but once it happens your superhuman would be able tolerate extremes of temperature from -200C to 200C, extremes of acidity and alkalinity of environment. He might not even depend on oxygen or need it rarely and may live in dry, desiccating conditions or even high hydrostatic pressure. They may also include water breathing i.e ability to respirate through water in lieu of a gaseous medium. Once human is exposed to some harsh environment, normally resistant develops quickly but still slower for a superhuman. Resistance is usually related to alteration in binding receptors and gene production and decreased penetration of harmful agents over time or their increased efflux. By using the resistance developing mechanism, we can now induce super-resistance to humans and then humans will become extremophiles.

1. Genius


And of-course the most supreme thing the humans owe and other livings do not is the brains and only few of them are called genius. A genius is an excellent intellect and this is the power unmatched by any other physical power. Analysing of reaction time and sensory acuity as measures of “;neurophysiological efficiency”; and the analysing of sensory acuity as a measure of intelligence was done long ago. By intelligence, they meant a heritable trait, which was a general intelligence factor. Geniuses often have crisp, clear-eyed visions of given situations, in which interpretation is unnecessary, and they build or act on the basis of those facts, usually with tremendous energy. With gene tecniques, we give our geniuses with 5 genius phenomenon.

Supersapience is the presence of a brilliant strategic mind. It is a very powerful ability; not strong as physical power, but one with this ability is very cunning and crafty. When the user is confronted with a problem, their brain automatically reverts back to what they know to be common sense, allowing them to systematically work toward nearly any solution. Likewise, Super-Intellect is the ability for the mind to learn and retain knowledge on a better level than that of a normal human. This is accomplished by the psychic ability to decipher knowledge that lies within a subject by studying it, allowing one superhuman learning speed and comprehension, accompanied by superhuman leaps of logic and better-than-normal  memory. Instant Learning/Understanding or Clarity is the ability to read, see or hear complex concepts and then psychically process them into easier concepts to understand (instead of having to study for prolonged amounts of time to obtain vast quantities of knowledge). One with this ability can almost-instantaneously understand concepts (in their native tongue) that they come into contact with. And if they come into contact with any piece of “information” that is wrong, they can intuitively put two-and-two together to keep themselves from accepting incorrect information or half-truths. Ambidexterity or Kinetic Mind is the ability to psychically juggle numerous mental or physical tasks at a time. The user of this ability can start as many tasks as they desire, and their mind will keep them all separate (and remember them all); so that way, one could start numerous tasks without forgetting anything or taking too much time doing a task. Superawareness is the peak of consciousness and awareness. The user can sense their environment (the presence, position and motion of others, etc.), and could tell when the slightest changes occur (a footstep, an increase in heartbeat, atmospheric changes, temperature changes, etc). They also wake up from being unconscious without being groggy, could not get vertigo or be easily disoriented, and often aren’t even subject to psychic mental distortion. It is possible their mind could be dominated, but they would know it was happening.

Accomplished geniuses in intellectual fields start out in many cases as child prodigies, gifted with superior memory or understanding. Modification of certain genes and receptors and pathways in our nervous system can lead us to think in a specific manner. A round of engineering programs on human brain would be required and ultimately there will be the far superior race of geniuses and we the ancestors would be nothing but idiots.

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