10 Items Better Than Sex

10. Housework

house chores

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According to a National Housework  Survey held in 2006 in Britain, Times On-line reports that more than 60 percent of woman enjoyed housework rather than sex. 6 out of  every10 women stated that cleaning  their houses “made them feel in manage of their life” and the identical proportion discovered cleaning “mentally therapeutic”. 3 quarters of the ladies surveyed kept up this regime of cleaning regardless of being in full or part-time work. Only 22 per cent of respondents enjoyed the process, but 64 per cent found happiness in the results of their labours.

Nearly half admitted some sort of addiction to cleaning a related proportion wished that they could cut down, and four in ten mentioned that they had been “no longer in manage of their cleaning habits” and mentioned that they located far more satisfaction in cleaning than in sex. Although 80 per cent compared the cleanliness of other properties with their personal, 6 out of ten mothers thought that a messy residence would lead guests to think they had been a “bad mother”.

9. Unwrapping the Present and Finding the Issue You Wanted

unwrapping gift

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You have asked your parents for that, they don’t look to care, neither your boss gives you sufficient salary so you could afford it nor your loved 1 appears affected by your wish of obtaining that gorgeous gadget playing with your fingers, yes you know now that the globe is cruel but a single day out of a sudden you get a surprise gift and when your unwrap it, you stare at it with your mouth opened and saliva dribbling from one corner and then you regain consciousness and exclaim “oh my gawd! this is what i wanted”, yes that’s the finest moment and undoubtedly you’d choose it over sex. Even far better is if you get an iphone sealed in a shimmery wrapper.

eight. Sleep


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According to the Sleep Nicely site based out of Stanford University there are at least ten reasons why sleep is much better than sex. It says “you don’t really feel guilty about doing it alone, no 1 will start rumours about how significantly you do it, you won’t complain in the morning about not acquiring any, you don’t have to pay for it, you don’t require to sleep following sleeping. It can last a great eight hours. (or even more) and even though sleeping, you can have sex with anyone you want, and of course it’s legal to sleep in any position whichever nation you live in”. A research carried out at the Edinburgh Sleep Center reported that more than 79.two% men and women (out of 8500) preferred good evening’s sleep more than sex.

7. Creating up Following a Large Fight

Making up after a big fight

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You just had a extremely negative argument with a person who is close to you and now you are sitting there and asking yourself what in the globe went incorrect and how can you  perform from this point on. Realizing that life isn’t excellent and that there will usually be disagreements or enormous arguments will make you consider that it doesn’t have to end there, and that there is a possibility for recovery. Patching up  immediately after a massive fight is not as simple as sweeping up broken pieces of a broken vase, but however when you lastly do make up with them, it is challenging to place your emotions aside and it is 1 of the best sensations ever and yes far better than sex!

6. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

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We don’t know its morally appropriate or not but seeking at the consequences, but the expanding practice of embryo eugenics looks like a gorgeous instance of where science can take us but on the long run this may lead to extinction of our “normal humans” race by those super-kids produced by these techniques (because there is always survival of the fittest as mentioned by Darwin), as a result it would be controversial to decide whether we really should continue the process or not. Numerous folks have been benefited and numerous going to be mothers (and wealthy) would favor it far more than sex because this is a undoubtedly a genetic lottery system where you can develop your custom kid, make a decision his hair color, eye color, IQ, skin tone and screen out diseases.  Slate Magazine describes the wide range of possibilities with this technique but yes you may well not be able to answer “Mommy, where did I come from?”

five. Dating Your Favourite Celebrity

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Fans understand that you can’t have sex with your favorite celeb due to the fact his/her guards most likely will finish up killing you in a round of bursts. But you’re usually prepared to give up your this wish for you enjoy her/him madly. She/He’s so awesome that it is all worth it – she/he’s particularly hot, drives an expensive auto and most of all you feel he/she is out of the globe.

4. The initial Tasteful Bite at the End of a Extended, Successful Diet regime

The first tasteful bite

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Chocolate mousse cheesecake or sex with Jessica Alba, no doubt cheesecake all the way, absolutely nothing beats that euphoric sensation of shoveling cheesecake down throat of several folks. Even so every person would choose a single of their favorite delicacy far over sex and specifically immediately after a long diet plan when you have starved staring at your pals getting bacon. There are 302 recipes called “Better Than Sex Cake” at Cooks.com alone and for cookie lovers, there are a lot of “better than sex cookie” recipies at CookieRecipieOnline.

And bite your tongue! Evidence is mounting that some sorts of chocolate are truly excellent for you: a happier heart, decreased blood pressure and boosted up memory as compared to Sex which is not good for individuals with heart difficulties and causes forgetfulness and distraction.

three. Losing Weight

lose weight

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No a single likes to look fat and losing pounds is certainly i would say much better rather getting sex. Being slim can be the enjoy of life and far more of it creates a very good appeal also so I’d say its like a double edged sword. According to a investigation, most folks would really like to shed a ten pounds than having sex. An article at Statson also tells how walking is better than sex.

two. Web and Gadgets

i love internet

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If you were questioning where Web access ranks in right now’s lifestyle choices, take a gander at the benefits of a new survey sponsored by Intel. Men and women would forgo sex for two weeks rather than lose a week’s worth of access to the Web. According to the survey, 46 percent of females and 30 % of guys would abstain from sexual activity for two weeks than go with no Internet access for the same time-frame. The percentage spikes larger, to 49 %, amongst females ages 18 to 34 years old and to a whopping 52 percent for 35 years old to 44 years old.

Yet another survey performed by Dial-a-Telephone, a cell telephone retailer in the UK, reported that 24 percent of women, would rather give up sex than their mobile phone.

1. Saying “I really like you” For the Very first Time

Saying I love you for the first time

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Adore is timeless although sex is just a a single evening stand. It is correct that really like can come about at any age, but accurate feelings of adore have a sweet level of maturity to them. It isn’t just about hot and heavy attraction. It isn’t about lust. It is not obsessing about your partner to the point exactly where you can’t function. Lasting, accurate enjoy occurs in bits, slowly and certainly till you lastly recognize “this is the 1.” It does not take forever to develop, but it also does not occur at initial sight or when you are thirteen either.

All of a sudden… you really feel it. You’re in enjoy! Now what to do? Do you just blurt it out? Wait for your partner to say it 1st? What’s the finest method? The initial moment when you comprehend you have met “the one” can be filled with excitement… and sometimes, dread. Immediately after all, you do not want to come off as well eager and just blurt out those 3 small words. Or do you? But truly  saying “I love you” for the first time to your “one” is by far the most lovely moment of a single’s life. And when you do it with confidence and authenticity and when you know your enjoy is sturdy adequate that expressing it won’t scare the a single, you are at that height of pleasure which no other thing can bring and absolutely thing as well ordinary like sex is far behind.

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