10 Intriguing Solar Power Facts

Solar power systems are fast becoming among the most famous clean-energy alternatives out there. A study shown solar power is the 10th fastest-growing sector in America.

Nellis solar power plant

Nellis Solar Power Plant in Nevada, USA. This 140 acre facility supplies the nearby air force base with 14MW of power. Photo credit: Wikipedia

Never has there been more interest in clean energy than in the past decade. Together with the help of tax benefits that are new, families and companies are learning of going green, the money-making side.

In spite of the hoopla surrounding this technology, there remains an abundance of solar energy information which is not known to many. Comprehending the solar power facts recorded here could be the difference between budget-breaking electricity bills and clean-energy economies.

1. Solar power systems tend to be cheaper than ever before.
There are several factors leading to the recent fall in solar panel price. New tax benefits enable someone to write off 30 percent of the panel setup price. There isn’t any limitation to the number that this 30 percent can reach, which encourages investment in quality panels.

Electricity Purchase Agreements PPAs are making clean energy affordable to those who, until a number of years back, would have not considered investing in solar power. Businesses offering PPAs keep them free of charge and install solar panels. The property owner pays the energy statement that is same as before plus a little premium until the price of the solar panels is repaid. Finally, everybody wins. The business makes a little gain in the future, as well as the property owner has solar power. Businesses that produce solar panels additionally profit from PPAs due to a rise in sales quantity.

2. Solar power is the 10th fastest-growing sector in America.
Due to improved production procedures as well as the recent affordability of solar power, the business is booming. Shell Oil forecasts that 50 percent of the energy in the world should come from sustainable sources. With public concern about global warming escalating, the business is playing a larger part in world economics.

3. About 30 percent of energy consumption can be used to warm water. This job could be carried through by solar water heating SWH systems.
The two common forms of solar water-heating systems are the “close-coupled” system as well as the “pump-circulated” system. In a “close-coupled” system, a storage tank is mounted above solar collectors. As the hot water rises to the tank due to thermosiphon flow no pumping is needed. In a “pump-circulated” system, a storage tank is flooring- or ground-mounted and is situated below the collectors. A pump moves the water involving the tank as well as the collectors.

4. A 1-kilowatt solar panel array conserve over 100 gallons of water and will prevent about 170 pounds of coal.
This stat is particularly remarkable since most solar electricity systems create more than ONE-kilowatt daily.

5. A solar-powered aircraft flew more than 4,000 kilometers across the USA.

solar impulse

HB-SIA Solar Impulse world distance record holder for solar air travel Establish May 2013

Although this world record appears not significant when compared with the large picture of clean-energy gains, improvement produced on the market is demonstrated by it. Other motorized vehicles as well as aircrafts make an important percentage of greenhouse gases. Achievements similar to this show that energy-saving vehicles may play an important part in the not-so-distant future.

6. Funds can be earned by solar power systems for the property owner.
If solar panels generate a surplus of energy, that energy is fed back to the power grid. In the majority of states, the utility company provides monetary damages to the property owner because of this contribution. Solar panels not only reduce electricity bills and save the surroundings, but can create an unexpected pay check on a monthly basis.

7. Fossil fuels are products of solar power.


Coal, a fossil fuel formed by anaerobic decomposition of hidden dead organisms

Gas, petroleum and coal formed millions of years back from decomposed plant matter. This matter grew by solar power It will emphasize the tremendous power which can be used by solar technology although this fact could have little influence on an individual’s choice to put money into clean energy.

8. The biggest solar electric system in the world was constructed in Germany.
Bavaria Solarpark is a 10-megawatt solar electric system that covers 62 acres. This system consists of panels. photovoltaic an amazing 57,600

9. Every year, Australia hosts a 3,021 kilometer car race for solar-powered vehicles. In the very first race, which occurred in 1987, the motorists’ typical rate was 67 kilometers/hr. By 2005, it soared to 103 km/hr
Automobile exhaust is a leading reason for global warming. This race distributes knowledge of solar- and shows a dramatic jump in solar power invention.

10. 99.99 percent of all solar energy stays untapped.

solar land area

This map reveals the natural distribution of solar power around the globe. Only the solar areas covered by black disks will not be insufficient to match the primary energy demand in the world. Photo credit: Wikipedia

Data reveal the planet receives more than enough sun to meet energy needs. Africa’s Sahara desert could produce more than 450 terawatts TW per year. The world’s energy consumption, including fossil fuels and renewable resources, is about 13 TW per year.

The solar energy that is available is about 15,000 times greater than the state the. of ‘s energy If all of the power was gained, it’d amount to 2,000 times more than the state the of ‘s use

Solar power could be a money-making advantage for the person, however only if she or he understands the best way to profit from monetary policies and new inventions. Although these facts about solar energy address several solar power concerns, new solar technology facts are being published. Remaining up to date with clean-energy alternatives could mean huge savings for families and companies.

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