10 Cool & Inventive Coffee Mugs

1. On/Off Mug

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This apparently ordinary mug is not at all ordinary. Produced with heat sensitive pigment, at very first glance the On/Off Mug ($ 27.00), looks like a common black mug with huge white letters that say “OFF”. Absolutely nothing extravagant, but as soon as you add the hot beverage of your option, the mug alterations color to white and in large black letters it states: “ON”. and when half filled – you can see as pictured.

two. Brugo Self-Cooling Coffee Mug

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Now This mug comes with a “Temperature Control Chamber” at the leading which measures out a drinkable portion of coffee, and cools it down to 150-170°F., which they say provides optimum taste at a comfortable temperature.The lid has three settings: “Tip and Cool”, which makes it possible for you to drink using the Temperature Manage Chamber, “Sip” which bypasses the Chamber allowing to drink like a standard cup, and “Lock”, which closes the cup. Wow! Now Isn’t that fascinating?

three. Zero Gravity Coffee Cup

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Oddly enough, the On-orbit mug is the second design and style that I have observed for a space coffee cup, the very first was by Daniel Pettit, but this one has a unique designer touch. You see, coffee, like all other liquids is a little tougher to drink in zero gravity, hence the intricacy of the design which makes use of surface tension from the narrow bottom and a deep groove to allow the space traveler to take pleasure in a cup of Joe just as he or she would do on Earth. Kudos to Travis Baldwin for such a sweet design.

four. Lockable Coffee Cup

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Well I discovered this to be weird since you have a coffee cup which has a lock and key. Can you think it? I would not want to drink a cup of coffee from somebody else’s cup so if somebody tries drinking from my cup, I would be in a position to lock it.

five. Drink Selector Mug

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If you are tired of telling people how you like your tea or coffee, just twist rings on your Drink Selector Mug ($ 22.75) to reveal your selection of drink and your milk and sugar preferences.

6. My Cuppa Coffee

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My Cuppa Coffee ($ 18.95) aids you mix your drink to the perfect consistency, based on the color-coded guide inside. Options consist of almost everything from a simple “milky” to an added-robust “builder’s brew”

7. Gun Mug

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Sick and tired of high design continually cast as sensitive and wimpy? Then kill a little time with this clever Gun Mug ($ 14.99) that replaces the dull office cubicle mug by a gold plated trigger custom created mug.

8. 2-Carat Cup

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If you’re in search of lady adore and but aren’t confident your substantial other is entirely aware of this, say it with this 2-Carat Cup ($ 15.00). The Swarovski crystal ring comes in gold or silver, and will serve as a constant reminder of what you may have your heart set on for subsequent February 14th.

9. Mug Pie

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In its “ranks closed” fomation, the Mug Pie can be utilised to generate a beautiful floral arrangement, celebration-size servings of olives, nuts, guacamole, and other dips and sauces, holders for your desk products… Ah, but I digress. They are coffee mugs, so let’s figure out how to get to their mug handles. Aha! Oh, yes, the Mug Pie is definitely a set of coffee (okay “beverage”) mugs… and even a lot more elegant in component than it is in toto. These 12 ounce mugs are entirely distinctive, even stunning! Mug Pies are for sale at Elseware in white/white, orange/white, light blue/white. Mug Pie is ten&#8243 in diameter. Mugs are dishwasher secure and microwavable.

ten. Equal Measure Cup

View your measurements in a surprising new light – next time you make brownies, use a tyrannosaur’s brain of flour, or sugar equal to the water in a cumulus cloud the size of a bus. The Equal Measure Cup ($ 11.49) is half measuring cup, half laboratory beaker, and all entertaining.

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