10 Clever Art Heists from the History

This list compiles handful of of the most remarkable heists that occurred during the background and applause to their evil mind for most of them who committed these nonetheless haven’t been caught.

 10. Stardust Heist

The Stardust Heist was in a Resort cum Casino. The robbery took place in September 1992. A particular person named Bill Brennan was the cashier of the casino at that time and at the right time, he loaded up the bag with all the money and never returned back. The finest part of this heist was that there was no group work rather he did every little thing himself and without any correct organizing. Hereafter, no one knew where he went and so he was never caught. The way he tackled the security of the casino was some thing in no way completed ahead of in their history.

9. Gardner Heist

The Gardner Heist was the finest-identified event of 1990 which occurred at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum situated at Boston. This museum was identified for a collection of 2500 pieces of art. On March 18, thieves disguised as police in officers’ uniform handcuffed the two security guards, stole thirteen works of art worth of $ 500 million and walked away with 1 of the biggest art thefts that happened in American history. This theft took place on St. Patrick’s Day festival. Even right after twenty years still those frames lay empty in the museum storage, whereas the thieves are free and roaming.

eight. Dar Es Salaam Bank Heist:

This robbery was the least publicized which occurred at Iraq’s Dar Es Salaam Bank. It was in the year 2007, right after the Saddam episode when the bank’s three safety guards went out the building with a looted quantity of $ 146 million (170.75 billion Iraqi Dinar) in money. This situation was by no means solved by any individual neither a single penny recovered. 1 of the major factors getting that it happened at the worst of the times when Iraq was facing a deadly war.

7. Central Bank of Iraq Heist

In Iraq, this was a single of the biggest thefts of all occasions since the largest bank of Iraq was looted. It happened to take place just before the U.S bombing of Iraq started out in 2003 and some theories suggest that Saddam Hussein conducted the job. The looted quantity was stated as around one billion dollars and provided to his son with a statement that it was done to guard the cash from the Americans. Later six hundred and fifty million dollars were recovered from the brick walls of Saddam’s palace when the American army invaded it and remaining was never ever recovered and remained a mystery. When it comes to this crime, Saddam was never ever caught but later hanged for other political causes.

6. Carlos Hector‘s ABN Amro Bank Heist

The robbery took spot in ABN Amro Bank in Antwerp. In March 2007, Carlos Hector Stole diamonds of worth $ 28 million from the Bank. He was a normal buyer for about a year and supplied an Argentinean name there. Authorities confess that the man utilized a fake identity there and also rented a safety box with the identical name and had a fake passport. Even right after 4 years his correct identity has never been located nor are the diamonds recovered.

five. Pink Panthers Harry Winston Heist

The Harry Winston Heist took location on fourth December 2008 in which 4 men barged into Paris’s most pricey jewelry shop which is recognized worldwide. The thieves were armed and disguised themselves as girls, looted hundred and eight million dollars in jewelry and walked away. Even though committing the act, they all of a sudden cornered all the customers and employees, filled their suitcase with all the valuable gems from the display location, and made their escape. The group was identified to be nicknamed “The Pink Panthers” but no arrest was ever created as the bounty on their heads were $ 1 million dollars if anyone provided data with regards to these people.

four. The School of Turin’s Antwerp Diamond Center Heist.

On 16 February 2003, The Antwerp Diamond Center became the target of the thieves and out of 160 vaults, 123 vaults were thrashed and gems worth above hundred million dollars stolen. No one actually had an answer for the safety breach, which was particularly high tech. Following day, when the workers hovered in that area, they figured out that this robbery was filled with precious metals like gold, paper cash, along with cut and uncut jewels. Following the investigation, the DNA was attained from the vault, along with a half-consumed sandwich, which was recovered from the web site. Lastly, the group named as “The School of Turin” was traced. Amongst them, one of the robbers worked at the diamond industry. Even though they had been traced and police arrested the group, they could never recover the stolen gems.

3. The Wonderful Train Robbery by Robber Ronnie Biggs

The Wonderful Train Robbery was 1 the most popular heists as it was a single of the greatest robberies that man ever witnessed. It took location in 1963 in Bucking Hampshire, England when a train transporting millions of pounds was ran over by 15 robbers headed by Robber Ronnie Biggs. The group of robbers had such a master program that the team utilised fake signals to cease the train and then locked all the workers present inside the train in the 1st two carriages. They then took all the bags which about had two.6 million pounds, loaded them in cars and escaped. Some of the robbers were captured later by the Scotland Yard amongst which two of them again escaped and fled from the nation.

two. Hijacking Schiphol Airport Truck by anonymous thieves

In this high jacking which took location on 25th February, 2005 the thieves took over an armored truck which carried diamonds and jewelry. The incident took location at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and estimated loot was of one hundred and eighteen million dollars. It is stated that the thieves had been well equipped with a KLM truck and uniforms and created the drivers lie down on ground, emptied the truck and took off. None of the thieves were ever caught or the stock found. The funny thing is they still do not know who the thieves were.

1. The DB Cooper Hijacking

This was a US aircraft high jacking which happened on 24 November 1971 and nonetheless remains as an unsolved situation. This was a northwest orient flight which was flying from Portland to Seattle. A person named Cooper sent a written note to the flight attended who claimed that the note stated there was a bomb in Cooper’s briefcase and for this, he asked for two hundred thousand dollars and a couple of parachutes. The income was delivered to him on arrival to the Seattle airport immediately after which the plane took off for Reno throughout which Cooper jumped out of the plane leaving behind two parachutes, a tie and its clip. Following extended search for Cooper he was nowhere to be located. In the following years of investigation only $ 5,880 bill was found on the Bank of Columbian River and his whereabouts or the identity could not be revealed.

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