Then Versus Now: How A lot Have Kids Changed in a Generation [Infographic]

How Much Have Kids Changed in a Generation

Adults are usually saying how items were considerably simpler back when they were a kid, but how much of that is actually correct? Even though a lot has changed over the past decade, not all of it was for the worse like adults seem to consider.

For instance, in the year 1982, teenagers operating 18 hour following-school jobs would only make $ 60 compared to the $ 130 teens today make. Drug use was also considerably higher, with an estimated 30% of teens smoking marijuana on a normal basis, compared to only 20% now. Cigarette use was also done by 30% of teenagers, compared to only 18% in the year 2012.

A lot more teenagers went to college in the 80s, yet the general SAT scores has risen from 997 points then to 1,011 points now. Teens also appear to be finding a lot smarter about their sexual health as well, with 81% utilizing contraception now, compared to only 55% in the 80s.

How Much Have Kids Changed in a Generation infographic

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