Prime five Query Answer scripts to make Yahoo Answers clone site.

Their are many query answer sites obtainable  on web like Yahoo answers, Answerbag,, AOL Answers, Blurtit and so on, Of which yahoo answers in most well-liked query answer website. Yahoo Answers has gained enormous recognition. Everyday millions of customers ask their questtion to clear their doubts  and to get their inquiries answered worldwide. Yahoo answer tends to make a huge community of readers where they can ask question to get answers kind other readers. Besides Yahoo answers  get a some best postions while looking for any query on Google search engine. So query answer internet sites like yahoo answer get priority in organic searches on google. So it will be worth to begin a question answer site like yahoo answers. For this goal their are numerous scripts offered some of which are paid and some are cost-free. They come with distinct functions and funtionalities. Right here we have collected some information about some leading well-liked question answer scripts similar to Yahoo Answers which can assist you in generating your personal Yahoo answers clone internet site. These query answer scripts are offered as : –


OSQA is the cost-free, open source query answer script you’ve been waiting for. This script offers virtually all the functions needed to run a query answer site.



Question2Answer is an one more free, common open supply platform for question answer web sites. It support to start off your own on-line community in just seconds. It is straightforward to install .



Questionanswerscript is a paid script to begin a query and answer website. This script is comparable to yahoo answers. So You can attempt this script to develop a yahoo answers clone internet site.



An additional paid quesiton answer website script. This script comes with hot advertisement ready positions. You just need to insert  your ads code.


Anova Script

It is also a paid script to commence question answer website. This script gives some instant effects for user like in yahoo answers web site.


We hope you will enjoy this collection of question answer scripts to make your personal yahoo answers clone site.

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