How-To install myBB forum application on subdomain of your site.

A forum for any web site plays a quite essential role. Forum assists to bring discussions among readers about burning topics, product reviews and their experiences. These discussions proves to be very helpful for other readers which can take advantage from the knowledge of other readers. So it becomes important to start a forum for any weblog. You can commence your own forum on a separate domain name  or on a subdomain of your site. A forum installed on a subdomain has usually benefit more than the forum on separate domain name. Firstly this will save your lot of income as your don’t need to acquire diverse domain name, Secondly a forum running on subdomain will promote your main blog as properly with its personal name. So this assists to tends to make your internet site  name a brand.

There are distinct forum software offered to commence  a forum for your weblog or web site  having diverse functions. But we will go over right here only myBB a popular forum software installation on subdomain of your site domain name by means of cPanel. Nowadays most of hosting providers provide cPanel in hosting package. Some hosting providers offer myBB 1 click installation through cPanel. If your hosting provider provides one particular click myBB installation through cPanel, you can install myBB with no employing this tutorial in basic measures. But if myBB installation is not accessible by way of one particular click installation in your hosting pack, you can stick to this basic tutorial. We will go over this tutorial in simple steps  as offered beneath:-

  • Firstly log in to cPanel offered by your internet site or weblog hosting provider.
  • Navigate to Subdomains tab as shown in below image.


  • You can make any subdomain like where ABC is name for subdomain and YOURBLOGURL is major domain name of your weblog. Right here we are contemplating ABC as an instance for subdomain all through this tutorial. But you can make subdomain as per your selection.  Here put  name of your subdomain as ABC and click Create. Maintain in thoughts their must not be any subdomain possessing this name earlier. Also their ought to not be a folder having exact same name as this subdomain under public_html
  • This will generate a subdomain ABC for your main domain name. It will also produce a folder named ABC under public_html having full path as public_html/ABC.
  • Eliminate the file named cgi-bin produced in ABC folder.


  • Develop a new database possessing name distinct from your subdomain name. Also add a user to this database getting all privileges.
  • Now go to myBB and download most recent version to your personal computer.
  • Unzip the myBB package. This will contain two folders named Documentation having some instruction how to install myBB and Upload folder obtaining myBB set up files.
  • Now go to File manager in your cPanel. go to public_html folder. You will see a new folder named ABC generated under public_html folder possessing complete path public_html/ABC
  • Upload the all content material of Upload folder from myBB package in ABC by file manager.
  • Change permissions for the files as offered below:-

/cache: 777
/cache/themes: 777
/inc/config.php: 666 (rename “config.default.php” to config.php)
/inc/settings.php: 666
/uploads: 777
/uploads/avatars: 777

  • Now you want to complete myBB installation. Go to browser and sort in address bar and hit Enter.
  • Just full all myBB installation measures right here 1 by a single.
  • Use the database username, password and database name developed in earlier step.
  • Change the values as offered beneath whilst completing all installation processes:-

Database Server Hostname:- localhost

Table Prefix:- myBB_

Forum Name:-  Your forum name

Get in touch with E mail:- E-mail address which you want to use on your forum to communicate with your readers.

  • Enter your new username, password and Email which you want to use for your Administrator account on this forum.

Finally Your forum will be installed on subdomain of your blog. So you will be in a position to start off new discussions on your forum among the readers. You can see live demo of myBB forum software installed on subdomain for this weblog right here. In this way, you can install myBB forum software program on subdomain of your weblog domain address.

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