Google Tricks, 15 Need to Know Google Search Tips and Tricks.

We all know that Google is the key search engine on world wide web. Google supplies most relevant search outcomes for user queries. Every day millions of customers make searches to answer their queries. Though Google usually supplies most relavant search final results but you can use some Google search guidelines and tricks which will support you in looking on google a lot more successfully. This will save your lot of important time. These Google search suggestions and tricks are given beneath as: –


Use Google as dictionary

You can locate definition of any word by easy query in Google. Basically put define:ANY WORD . You will get diverse dictionary definitions for that word.

Search a article particular title.

Occasionally you see a very intriguing write-up on net. Sadly you forgot to bookmark that article. But you nonetheless know the title of that article. In this scenario Google can assist you locating the post with title provided by you. You have to execute a easy query intitle:TITLE OF Needed Post Google will display a list of articles with title matching your query.

Use Google as converter.

You can use Google to convert any quantity from one particular unit to one more unit. like millimeter to inches, liters into milliliters, kilometers into miles etc. Just variety as 20Km into miles to convert 20 kilometer into miles and hit Enter. Google will display quantity in new unit. You can use equivalent query for other units also.

Use Google as Calculator


You can use google to make mathematical calculations. Just variety the mathematical expression in google search bar and hit enter, google will display result for that expression. For example if you want to discover sum of 5+eight. Just kind five+eight in google search box and hit enter. Google will give result as 13.

+ = A

– = Subtract

* = Multiply

/ = Division

^ = Raise energy to

sqrt = Square root of any quantity

Use Google to convert currency.

You can perform any currency conversion from a single unit to yet another by utilizing Google search engine. For example If you want to convert 1 USD into EURO. Just put 1 USD in EURO in Google search box and hit enter. Google will display currency converted in to new unit.

Get climate updates.

You can uncover weather conditions of any specific city by utilizing Google search engine. Just sort city name followed by weather. Google will display climate parameters for that spot. For example if you want to know the weather condition of Washington Just type Washington weather in Google search box. You will get climate benefits.

Search any file with specific file extension.

You can locate any file or document with any special extension by utilizing Google search engine. Just sort YOUR FILE NAME.FILE EXTENSION for instance if you want to search file named personal computer trick in pdf format, just variety personal computer tricks.pdf in Google. Google will display all benefits related to your query possessing pdf file format. You can uncover files with any extension.

Locate any certain article on a web site.

You can use Google search engine to find any particular report on specific internet site. For instance if you want to search for cricket videos on Youtube, just type in Google search engine. Google will display cricket videos offered on Youtube.

Locate regional time worldwide.

You can find regional time in any city of planet. For example you want to uncover regional time in New York, Just type time New York in Google search box and hit enter. Google will display local time in New York city.

Filter undesirable search benefits.

You can find Google search benefits for any precise query by filtering additional outcomes. For example if you want to search about Samsung Galaxy s3 but excluding testimonials about it. Just type Samsung galaxy s3-critiques in Google search box. Google will display results excluding Samsung Galaxy s3 testimonials.

Search for URL in Google

You can locate URLs pertaining to some keyword by making use of Google. For example if you want to locate URLs getting Tech guidelines and tricks key phrases. Just type Tech_tips_and_tricks in Google search box. You can use – rather of _ symbol to locate URL containing certain search phrases.

Use Google to Track Flight status

You can track any flight status by employing Google. Just variety airline and flight quantity in Google search box and hit enter. Google will display flight status of that flight number.

Use Google to locate associated websites

You can uncover connected sites to any website. Just Type Google will display a list of websites connected to YouTube internet site.

Find Hyperlinks pointing to precise web site.

If you want to find hyperlinks pointing to any site, just kind link:Internet site URL. for instance if you want to locate hyperlinks pointing to, just kind and hit enter. Google will display links pointing to Youtube site.

Uncover all posts index by Google for any web site.

You can locate all posts of a web site indexed by Google by a easy query. for example if you want to uncover all post of, just type in Google search box. Google will display a list all posts indexed.

Do a barrel roll Search Tricks.

It is an fascinating trick as nicely as entertaining with Google search engine. Go to Google and kind Do a barrel roll in the search box. You will see the search results spinning around the screen.

Use Google as a cost-free proxy

You can access sites blocked at your workplace by using Google search engine proxy. You can access cached page supplied by Google even when the original site is blocked. Just put in Google search box. Google will provide you cached page for that internet site.

Locate associated terms

You can locate related terms to any keyword. For instance if you want to locate associated keywords to word nutrition just kind ~nutrition in search box. Google will offer all keywords and phrases comparable in meaning.

In final we hope you will appreciate these exciting Google search engine operator guidelines and tricks to make google searches a lot more powerful and time saving. So enjoy these Google search ideas and tricks.

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