How to generate Custom Nameservers

Immediately after a lengthy time this is my very first post i was thinking to organize a Contest for the initial post following my break but will do that following this post  hoping to be the fantastic contest in history of Tech3Dge  . Ok so lets get back to the subject how can you produce a custom name server for your domain, anytime you purchase the hosting from a hosting organization like Hostgator or any other hosting organization they offer a nameserver for your domain that you have to modify from handle panel from exactly where you have purchased the domain. Suppose you got hosting from hostgator then you will get a name server like and and you require to use this name server.

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But have you thought of utilizing custom name server for your self like, Yes you can certainly do that even if you have got any shared hosting from any of the hosting organization it doesn’t matters you can make your personal custom name server.

So How to make Custom Name Servers ?

Its rather straightforward to create your personal custom name server all you need is buy a shared hosting from any of the web hosting but i would favor to purchase it from Hostgator immediately after acquiring net space they will offer you a nameserver like with a ip too.

So now you need to visit your domain control dashboard from exactly where you have bought the domain and click on private name server now you require to point ns1 and ns2 to the ip you got from the net hosting organization.

img1 How to create Custom Nameservers

now save it and click on Name Server and produce your name server to and save it.

img2 How to create Custom Nameservers

voila! and you are completed you have your own custom name server enjoy  If you want any aid feel cost-free to ask Thanks

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