How to Bypass Blocked Web sites

There are several schools, Institutes who blocks many websites like Facebook, Orkut and much more social networking websites and others also. Even even though they blocks the proxy sites as well by which students can not surf the sites anonymously.Even i was also in this difficulty about 50%+ web sites were blocked by my ISP, I was not in a position to use even the proxy web sites lead to they had been also blocked

bypass blocked Website How to Bypass Blocked Sites
There are a lot of ways to bypass blocked websites like using Proxy Internet sites,VPN, and so forth.
1. Proxy Websites: This is the most basic method to bypass all blocked internet sites you have to just enter the url of the web site that you want to bypass and you are done.
Some i.e of proxy internet sites are :-

  • http://bongosurf.information/

2. There is another way to bypass the blocked web sites just by typing some text in the url. For i.e this is not the most effective way but nonetheless you can bypass the site in numerous situations in which you don’t have to login

three. Employing IP : Like the above it not also the most successful way to bypass the websites but you can surf the sites.
How you can uncover the IP of the websites –
Go to Run (windows+r)
sort “cmd” (with no quotes)
a command prompt dialog box will appear type ping
the ip showed even though pinging is the ip of the website. Open the browser and type the ip of the web site.

4. VPN (Virtual Private Network) : This is the most effective way i identified to bypass the blocked sites. study a lot more about VPN
In a lot of cases you are supplied a client which you have to set up in your method and that
consumers assists you to bypass the blocked sites.
Some totally free VPN services are :-


There are a lot of other ways by which you can bypass the blocked which i have not listed right here those are  :

  • Google Cache
  • Google Translator
  • WayBackMachine (not significantly helpful)

In next post i will show how you can bypass the blocked website employing VPN. Till then enjoy this post.

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