The world of digital marketing is one which not all of us fully understand and whilst most business owners are more than aware of the benefits that using a digital marketing company can bring, we are not all aware of how they go about it. The reason why we hire these guys is because terms like SEO, content marketing and PPC marketing are somewhat beyond us, and so we trust these guys to do the bidding on our behalf. Unfortunately however this can lead to some agencies being  unscrupulous and not exactly earning the money that they are being paid. In order to spot whether or not you digital marketing company is doing right by you, here are some tips.


The beauty of digital marketing is that almost all strategies and methods are able to be tracked using metrics. In the most part these metrics are very simple to understand and you should be asking to see the metrics and the results around what kind of engagement it is that you are getting, and then cross reference that with your own metrics around sales. You will see by the reaction on their face when you ask to see results as to whether or not they are taking advantage.

Constant Creativity

Digital marketing staff are high energy and creative types who are constantly excited about the success of their camping and always seeking to find new and better ways in which they can promote your business. This is the energy which you soul expect from the staff at your digital marketing agency and if you don’t see that then you are not getting the most for you money. This is not to say that they are being charlatans or anything of the sort, simply that they aren’t working hard enough for you.


Every digital marketing company that I have ever worked with were very focused on a combination of different marketing techniques for my business. For example they would suggest  a combo of email marketing, promotional marketing and social media marketing, or perhaps email and content marketing with some SEO thrown in for good measure. If your agency is only focusing on one aspect of digital marketing you need to be asking the question why.

Customer Service

As with any kind of company that you pay to do your bidding you should demand high levels of customer service from the agency. I have heard reports from colleagues about many companies who supposedly specialized in digital marketing who were cold and at times rude with their clients. If this is the case for you then don’t even consider going any further, if they cannot value your custom with a smile and some manners, what do you think they are going to do when it is time to promote your business?

Make sure that you demand the best from your digital marketing agency.