The best way to Eliminate Puffy Eyes

How to Get Rid Of Puffy EyesFluid retention under hormonal changes, and eyes, strain, allergies are the key reasons for puffy eyes. You will experience redness and swelling under eyes. Nevertheless, you might want to figure out the best way to eliminate puffy eyes readily. Here are a few fast and effectual home treatments which allow you to get healed from distended eyes fast.

The best way to Eliminate Puffy Eyes Using Home Remedies


Drinking a lot of water is the most easy home remedy for puffy eyes. Water keeps the body hydrate and flushes out the dangerous toxins from your body through urine. Water reduces the potential for the rest of the body as well as swelling eye pads. Take at least 8-10 glasses of water each day.

Tea bags

Tea bag features anti-irritant and anti inflammatory properties that keep your eyelids safe from irritation and swelling. To make this treatment you are in need of a black or green tea tote to be soaked in hot water. Take out the tea bag from the water and be sure that it remains to get cool. Lie down and put on the tea bag and rub lightly. Cover using a cloth and leave it for a quarter hour.


Cucumber is just another strong natural healer which helps you to eliminate puffy simple. It includes astringent properties and enzymes that reduce inflammation of eyes that are puffy. First you must maintain a cucumber in the fridge for a quarter hour to allow it to be chilly. Later, chop the cucumber and place two pieces under your two eyes.

Potato piece

Potato includes antiinflammatory property which helps you to eliminate puffy eyes immediately. It’s possible for you to apply potato just like cucumber .Pare the potato before piece it. Get two thick pieces and put for 20 minutes underneath the eyelids.

Egg white

Egg white prevents treatments and wrinkles puffy eyes efficiently. Take two eggs and divide the parts that are white in the yolk. Take a little bowl; add several drops witch hazel and blend them well. Soak a cotton cloth and apply under eye lids. Allow it to dry before wash. It tightens the eye lids.

Frozen spoon compress

Chilly spoon compress is the effectual and simple home remedy to get healed from puffy eyes. You are in need of a metal spoon to be put into the fridge for 10 minutes. Then take the spoon out and place it. Before the spoon stays chilly enough rub it gently. Chilly spoon compress reduces inflammation as well as redness.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has natural vitamin E and the antioxidant that’s a great healer of puffy eyes. Use aloe gel underneath the eyes that are affected. It reduces swelling and flushes dangerous fluids around eyes out.

Warm water with salt

Warm water with salt is just another powerful fix for puffy eyes. You are in need of 1/2 teaspoon salt to and a glass of hot water be combined. Then get a cotton pad and soak it. Then use the wet cotton pad on the eyelids for a number of minutes. Your puffy eyes should go away fast.

The best way to Eliminate Puffy Eyes Using Over the Counter

For treating puffy eyes you will not want over the counter medicine. It is possible to take a decongestant should you be greatly worried away along with your distended eyes. It is a counter medication that reduces puffiness fast and prevents mucus build-up.

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