Jerry the Bear to Fight Diabetes

People with sort 1 diabetes, a lifelong genetic condition that prevents the accurate breakdown of glucose in the blood, rely on a steady amount of insulin to be delivered to their bodies each day. Considering that young kids can not handle an insulin pump, test their own glucose or deliver their own injections, parents with diabetic kids ought to administer at least three finger-sticking blood glucose checks and frequent insulin injections each day to make sure diabetes is managed. For a five-year-old youngster, that’s a lot of boo-boos in the name of adore.

Enter Jerry the Bear, a fully interactive robotic teddy bear with variety 1 diabetes and the brainchild of Northwestern students and Design for America fellows Aaron Horowitz and Hannah Chung. Horowitz, now CEO for the duo’s firm Sproutel, explains that Jerry the Bear was inspired by the teddy bears children frequently get right after their diabetes diagnosis.

The initial mechanics of Jerry, who is specifically targeted to diabetes-stricken kids from ages three to seven, are developed to allow a youngster to become the bear’s caretaker. Young children can verify Jerry’s paw for a blood glucose level and administer an “insulin shot” to any one of the bear’s 5 ports. Jerry also comes with a “food pack” of easy foods, like an apple or cheese, which a kid can “feed” to the bear when he has low blood sugar. Horowitz explains that the youngsters are in a position to react to Jerry’s cues and figure out regardless of whether the bear’s blood sugar is also high or too low.

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