Home Treatments for Vaginal Smell

Home remedies for vaginal odorVaginal smell is an unpleasant issue for nearly all the girls. Sexual disease, yeast infection, unhygienic sanitation and at times a specific bacteria may cause vaginal smell. Natural home remedies for vaginal smell can provide you with the final remedy because of this issue that is awkward.

7 Successful Home Treatments for Vaginal Smell


Because all the time vaginal smell happens for dehydration water needs to function as the primary home remedy for vaginal odor. All the harmful toxins and bacteria can ejaculate via urination in the event the body gets enough supply of water afterward. A female should take at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day which will help her to be nicely hydrated.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil includes powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties that kill all of the bacteria that are responsible for vaginal smell. You want this treatment to be made by 2 teaspoons tea tree oil. Put in a small water and combine them. Afterward get tampon and soak it in the concoction. Use the saturated tampon in the vagina. Before taking a bath, you need to use tea tree oil a minumum of one hour. Continue using tea tree oil for a minumum of one week to receive the best results.


Routine ingestion of fenugreek is not bad for women’s well-being. It restrains the regular menstrual cycle and will help to balance the hormone level. To make this treatment you should moisten 2 teaspoon fenugreek immediately. Each day, you have to drink the water in empty belly. Continue this treatment for 2 weeks. Fenugreek develops the entire internal well-being of girls that in turn give to treat vaginal olfactory property.


Yogurt includes lactobacillus that balances vaginal pH level. Yogurt may be applied in the vagina and may be taken using the standard diet. You need one cup unsweetened water and yogurt to prepare this treatment. Get tampon and soak it. Subsequently pass the wet tampon to the vagina and let it to stay for 5 minutes. Eventually, wash off completely using cold water after taking the tampon out.


Garlic is among the successful home treatments for vaginal smell. Garlic is extremely useful for vaginal smell for the reason that it includes antifungal and antibacterial properties that ruin the responsible bacteria for vaginal smell. You need some recently pressed garlic pieces to be stuck. Apply the garlic paste to the vaginal walls and leave it. After utilizing the garlic treatment you need to possess a tub. Duplicate the treatment for the subsequent few days in the event you see it functions.

Sitz bath

A sitz bath is among the useful home treatments for vaginal smell. Sitz bath reduces scent associated itching and suffering. Fill your sitz bath bathtub with hot water and combination Epsom salt in the bathtub. You may also combine tea tree oil in the bath to destroy the bacteria. Soak the vaginal region for at least 10 minutes to remove smell. Sitz bath should be repeated by you twice in the next days to receive the best results.

Neem extract

Neem is an excellent natural plant found in several health issues including acne, scars, body odor, vaginal smell as well as other skin problems. To go through the curative power of Neem you should boil some neem leaves for a number of minutes. Then allow the hot water become standard. Now, completely wash the interior areas of the vaginal out. You may also use neem neem or infusion oil for vaginal olfactory property.

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