Home Treatments for Stomach Flu

home remedies for stomach flu Stomach flu is a familiar health problem causing from some other motives and a stomach virus. Some fundamental symptoms of stomach flu are fever, vomit, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness and tiredness. In certain scenario man might be dehydrated due to excessive fluid loss. By following some home cures for stomach flu that cranky virus can be killed by you and get healed from stomach flu easily.

Home Cures for Stomach Flu

Chamomile tea

This exceptional herb is generally famous because of its excellent gut healing properties although it severs some other advantages for our health. Chamomile tea is one bundle remedy for acid reflux, upset stomach, stomach flu and tummy cramp. Furthermore it also has great taste. There are primarily two types of Roman and chamomile tea accessible German. Taking German chamomile is among the most effective home cures for stomach flu daily and keeping digestion healthy.


Lemon is an excellent way to obtain natural anti inflammation fixing which can be invaluable to kill the bacteria causing stomach flu. Taking lemon juice and honey has frequently become the greatest fix for diarrhea and stomach flu.


Garlic is an excellent natural herb including a great deal of anti oxidant, anti microbial properties and anti bacterial and functions splendidly for stomach flu. Taking uncooked garlic is usually disgusting because of its scent. It’s possible for you to take garlic take with honey and simply chop some bit or infusion rather which is valuable.


Ginger is thought to be a standard remedy for many ailments. Taking ginger is very valuable for stomach flu also it will help create a bowel movement that is proper. Ginger includes anti inflammation powerful agent that constantly fights with bacteria and bacteria.


One recent study demonstrated that mint is appropriate digestion, and an excellent herb for gut health. This herb is extremely popular for making tea or salad and available in a number of types like peppermint, lemon balm. It will help to kill bacteria and the fungus.


You should guarantee appropriate consumption of fluid within you before seeking for just about any home cures for stomach flu. For any type of stomach disease, less quantity of fluid in body can drive this position worse. To ensure body hydration, take at least 16 glasses of water for grownups. Another helpful source to take fluid may be tea, clear beverage and pop drink like Pepsi, sports any type of fruit juice or drinks.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar serves numerous advantages for our health and it’s also among the most effective home cures for stomach flu. Furthermore in addition, it removes vomiting, the nausea and gas. Drink 2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with water or combining with another juice.


Yogurt is just another quite powerful treatment to eliminate stomach flu. Homemade yogurt is preferable for you personally. Yogurt includes some helpful bacteria that with helpful to smother belly by replacing it with and kill the damaging bacteria.

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