Home Treatments for Razor Burn

Razor burn is not nearly unusual occurring for them who shave frequently to take away pubic hair, leg hair, underarm and the beard. I have done a tremendous study to uncover what would be the most effective home treatments for shaver burning and that I triumph. Here are 7 promised treatments for razor burn that just works.

7 Best Home Treatments for Razor Burn

Cocoa Butter

home remedies for razor burnCocoa butter is also called Theobroma oil. It is sort of vegetable oil which has high quantity of natural antioxidant. It is possible to certainly use cocoa butter because this ingredient primarily utilized to make skin products for razor burn. Simply melt a small cocoa butter and apply over your razor burn places. Leave for several minutes then wash off.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is widely called a natural skin moisturizer. Aloe Vera infusion is among the most effective home treatments for razor burn. You simply require an aloe plant. Put on the juice in the burn area, leave for a number of minutes and rinse off. Aloe Vera juice has a cooling electricity that fastens fixing.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is among the bonded home treatments for razor burn. It’s popular to ruin yeast infection and skin bacteria. Apple cider vinegar can also be utilized to treat many health problems as a powerful home remedy. You only need some raw apple cider vinegar. Apply right on the burn surface and allow skin to consume it. Wash off the place after 10 minutes.

Ice compress

Ice compress is the affordable and simplest home remedy for razor burn. Ice compress reduces redness and inflammation. You take some ice cubes and wrapping using a soft cotton cloth or can take ice compress in your skin. Then rub on the pack on the burn region to get a short while. If it seems ok then repeat the procedure once more.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is among the recommended skin merchandises to kill fungus, yeast and bacteria. As among the most effective home treatments for razor burn, it works superb. Take several globules of tea tree oil and mix using a tiny water. Then region burn.

Oatmeal bath

Oatmeal bath is quite powerful for razor burn. It is possible to take an oatmeal bath, in case your burn is in the leg. Take one little package of oatmeal powder and dissolve in water that is lukewarm. Then dunk razor burn region or your leg in the water that is warm. Keep soaking for 20 minutes and also you need to use moisturizer Aloe Vera may be used after.


Cucumber additionally among the truly amazing home treatments for razor burn. Cucumber includes Vitamin C and Vitamin K that are two critical factors to take care of razor burn. Get a new cucumber and slice it. Subsequently place of cucumber in the fridge for a number of minutes until it becomes cold. Then remove the cucumber slice and rub lightly on the razor

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