Home Treatments for Foot Fungus

home remedies for foot fungusFoot fungus is an issue that is very common and sometimes disgusting. This health problem is being experienced by astonishingly over 20 million of the Americas. The scenario may worsen in case you do not treat it. Foot fungus is extremely contagious disease that will enlarge the region of illness rapidly. While the majority of the over to counter medicines only works for evaporating the symptoms to get several days natural home remedies for foot fungus is the most effective treatment choice according to physicians and practitioner. Subsequently try these treatments in the event you are working with foot fungus; for illness that is long-term strive greatest over the counter drugs accessible according to your own physician’s recommendation.

What can cause foot fungus really

When fungus called dermatophytes enters in your foot causes at times yeast and foot fungus and mould may also be bringing component. This fungus will propagate among family members while some of fungus from this group is in fact valuable and is highly sensitive. Wet surroundings, jolts, toilet, swimming pool and warm surroundings like resort area or warm or wet shoe can distribute the fungus.

7 Best Home Treatments for Foot Fungus

White vinegar

Vinegar is among the earliest and powerful home cures for foot fungus, athlete’s foot , foot blister as well as other contagious skin disease. Soak your foot in water mixture solution and white vinegar for a quarter hour. Ensure that you rinse foot after applying this treatment, and dry.

Vicks Vapor

According although no clinical study was done to Mayoclinic, a lot of people are reported on the effectiveness of the treatment. First soak your foot to get several minutes in vinegar and trimming nails. Subsequently dry your foot and rub on some Vicks on contaminated region particularly involving the toes.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is just another great home remedy for foot fungus also it may kill fungus using its antibacterial component that is exceptional. Take few globules of tea tree oil and use it to the region that is contaminated. You may also soak your foot using a couple drops of tea tree oil in hot water.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the most effective anti inflammation fixing at home. Use apple cider vinegar with a few warm water and soak your foot. Then produce a combination of baking soda and apply it in your nail and toe. Following these steps to get several days will let you eliminate foot fungus.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil can also be strong to treat foot fungus that’s abundant by many properties that are helpful. Require equivalent quantity of oregano oil and blend it. Use for 3 times a day to contaminated place. Oregano oil with lavender oil is among the strong home treatments for foot fungus.


Garlic is among the most effective natural herbs that includes high quantity of anti fungus properties and bacterial disease that is extremely successful to treat almost any skin. Apply garlic oil for few hours a day on affected region. Severity of foot fungus promptly wills slower.


Lemon additionally includes antibiotic and antiseptic components which help to heal foot fungus. Apply few drops of lemon juice and rinse it. Combining lemon juice can also be among the successful home treatments for foot fungus. Essential oil it is also helpful to lessen burning sensation of lemon juice acid.

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