Fleetly Fitness

CNet: So you want to lose weight? Train for a marathon? Swim quicker? With 9,000 well being apps in Apple’s iOS App Retailer–with such titles as RunKeeper for runners, Strava for cyclists, and Acquire Fitness for weight lifters–the wellness app industry can seem pretty bloated. And most apps are built with a certain activity in thoughts.

A former triathlete, Geoff Pitfield wanted to create an app that could track his varied workout and rate his general fitness level. That’s why he produced Fleetly, a well being-tracking service that launched final week on iOS devices.

Built making use of game design components, Fleetly is component well being diary, component FourSquare. Users can earn medals for completing specific workouts. It keeps track of calories burned, body type, body mass, and workout style to aid evaluate diverse workouts.

Fitness app Fleetly aims to make workouts a game [Cnet]

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