DIY: Homemade Vaporizer

A vaporizer is a healthy replacement for smoking that prevents inhaling of products that are hazardous. A man could breathe in the active ingredients of plant material like tobacco, cannabis, etc., through this apparatus. To be able to take out the entire nip and purity of a plant material, in the procedure for vaporization, mixtures are warmed on far lower temperature. Through the miniature drags that are shallow, several therapeutic effects can be gained by you. So, vaporizers are actually precious.

Now, vaping is now a tendency. In the event you are also a vaping fanatic, you may need to pay out a fairly great sum. Nevertheless, you may also prepare homemade vaporizer without making a dent in your own wallet. It’s not as dangerous to your throat, besides saving money as well as supplies you a joyous feeling.

The light bulb vaporizer is the one that is most popular. It’s very cost effective and may be turned into readily at your location. For preparing a vaporizer, the guidelines are given below.


Material Needed

  • Standard light bulb 100 watts
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Duct tape or electrical tape
  • 2 straws or glass tubes glass tubes are better since they can not melt down
  • Cap of a 500 ml bottle
  • Pliers
  • Candle/Lighter
  • Herbs

The best way to make

Measure 1 – First of all, take a 100 watt light bulb and cut the metal cap really carefully with a knife.


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Measure 2 Now remove each of the filaments and debris within the lightbulb by using pliers. Clean the lightbulb correctly. Get some water and add salt to it. Wash the inside by it of the lightbulb. Remove and scrape all of the paint spots as they might have dangerous substances that are injurious if inhaled. Afterwards, leave it until it dries.


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Measure 3 Place the light bulb away and unscrew the bottle cap. Check whether it fits on the metal portion of the lightbulb. If the size is larger it is all right. Get a knife and make 2 straw-sized holes in the cap.


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Measure 4 Place the herbs in the light bulb and screw on the bottle’s cap on top of a lightbulb. Use tape to fix the cap correctly.

Measure 5 – Now, add two straws into the hole of the cap. Reduce by using scissors their size.


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Measure 6 Eventually, the homemade vaporizer is prepared to use. Burn a candle or lighter, and offer steady and continuous flare from the underparts of the the light bulb. The herbs can vaporize. It’s possible for you to rotate the /candle that is lighter in little circular motions. The herbs create oil when warmed between 400deg F. and 250deg It includes active ingredients; by using one of the straws, therefore, you can inhale. Breathe in quite slowly. You’ll sense the flavor slowly.


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