9 Home Remedies for Runny Nose

Home Remedies for Runny NoseA runny nose is among the disorders that are most popular. Nevertheless, the primary symptoms of runny nose irritating and in many cases are soothing. If you’re experiencing common symptoms like- extra drainage fluid or mucus, itchy nose, temperature or sore throat; attempt these effective home cures for runny nose.

Home Treatments for Runny Nose


Humidifier is among the most effective options to keep your office or home surroundings damp. When runny nose affects you, you often dehydrate. The wetness in indoor air raises and filters mite, mole, and the filth. In case your cause of runny nose is allergy then this measure can help you

Steam and hot bathroom

Steam is being taken by among the extremely successful fast home cures for runny nose. Your nasal passage will moisten immediately. Take some hot water and cover your head with towel over the steam that is hot. To ensure steam can go indoors, take a deep breath. Another successful method would be to take a steam shower that is popular. This will maintain the body hydrated and clear the mucus blockage.


Herbal tea can assist you immensely in this state. Teas such as green tea, chamomile and peppermint tea can be the wonderful sources of antioxidant and antiviral properties which will allow you to increase your own immune system. Take green tea with lemon and garlic two times a day. Additionally hot liquid helps to ensure body hydration.


Garlic can also be quite useful treatment to relieve runny nose, cold, influenza, sore throat as well as other important respiratory difficulties. Uncooked garlic cloves can be taken by you. Or it is possible to take garlic juice. Add garlic in your everyday diet.


Peppermint is among the most effective home treatments for runny nose. It’s possible for you to use Peppermint tea or Peppermint oil; both are valuable. Inhale Peppermint oil, it’ll help clear the nasal passage immediately. Peppermint tea is among the top herbal teas specifically for runny nose. Beverage at least two cups of peppermint tea to get healed from runny nose symptoms that are fundamental like- itching, excessive mucus temperature and drainage.


Turmeric is among the quite commonly used home remedies for runny nose. Taking a raw Turmeric powder may be a great way because of this. Soak turmeric powder. Subsequently Inhale Turmeric smoke by heating.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is an extremely powerful essential oil for a lot of respiratory difficulties like runny nose. This oil includes powerful antibacterial properties which will help clear the nasal passage. Eucalyptus oil will be found by you in just about any drug store that is nearby.

Salt water

Salt water will be found by you as among the usually indicated though quite powerful home cures for runny nose online. Mixture half teaspoon of common salt with 8 Oz lukewarm water to make use of this treatment. Use this solution inhale and to the nasal passageway through breath. Now clear out the extra fluid and mucus by blowing your nose.


Barberry is just another very powerful herb boost the immune system and to clear nasal congestion. Take barberry tea many times a day to create a better immune system against runny nose. Barberry has established successful result for runny nose inflammation.

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