34 Simple Home Treatments to Eliminate Diarrhea

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Diarrhea is an illness occurring due to improper function of the digestive system. The primary symptoms of diarrhea are an increase in bowel movement and loose movements. It’s accompanied by dehydration, temperature, bloating, weakness, debilitating vomiting and cramps. Most of the time, the cause of diarrhea is the indigestion of food. Other causes contain unhealthy eating habits such as not washing uncooked fruits and vegetables before eating or overeating, bacterial diseases, viral infections, food intolerances, and intestinal ailments like ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease bowel syndrome. It is simple to eliminate diarrhea by following the under-recorded home remedies.


Home Remedies for Diarrhea

1. Apple

Apples contain pectin that’s what helps diarrhea by hardening the fecal matter. Vitamin C and the potassium found in apples help keep your body

2. Black Tea

Make a cup of tea and don’t add any milk to it. It’s possible for you to use a couple of drops of lemon juice as well as honey rather than sugar to enhance the flavor. Drink two cups of black tea daily till you feel

3. Vinegar

Those who possess a serious case of diarrhea can blend of vinegar and one tablespoon of brown sugar in a glass of plain water. Drink a glass of the concoction every 6 hours. It might taste strange, but is a great treatment for diarrhea.

4. Oral Rehydration Salts ORS

Make a home made ORS solution by combining 1/2 teaspoon of salt into and six teaspoons of sugar 1 liter of clean drinking water. Drink the solution in an hour. Attempt drinking in 12 hours as potential for better results as much ORS. You may also get readymade flavored ORS sachets from your local chemist. ORS is a great diarrhea treatment for babies also.

5. Lemon Juice

Combine the juice of 1 lemon using a glass of water and add a little honey to make it taste like lemonade. Drink 3-4 glasses of it in a day. It counteract the bacteria and will help reduce.

  • Lemon rind is, in addition, an effective treatment for diarrhea. Just grind a lemon with all the rind and add a touch of salt to it. Blend well and take this three times a day.

6. Yogurt

Yogurt that features live lactobacillus acidophilus or bifid bacterium bacterial cultures that’s not very bad, as it assists body reinstate the great bacteria in the body. Eat two to three bowls of yogurt a day. Add some cumin powder to it and a touch of salt.

7. Carrot Soup

Carrot has as it helps their body regain the nutrients lost as a result of diarrhea, anti dyspeptic properties which make it a great food for kids. One should have a bowl of carrot soup regular when experiencing diarrhea.

8. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds contain mucilage that is well suited for diarrhea treatment. Combine have this mixture three times per day and a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a bowl of yogurt.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

Add a tbsp of ACV to a glass of plain water and drink a glass of the solution at least two times a day.

10. White Rice

A lot of people wonder what to eat for diarrhea It is suggested that you eat bland foods as they can be not difficult to digest. Have a little bowl of plain white rice and yogurt blended. Don’t add any other spices or sauces to this.

11. Bananas

Mature bananas include pectin and potassium a water soluble fiber. Eat 4 to 5 bananas during the day to beat diarrhea.

12. Potatoes

Boil till they get soft. Subsequently remove and smash them. Add a teaspoon of butter, a little pepper as well as a touch of salt. Eat them.

13. Black Seed Oil

The best way to quit diarrhea with black seed oil Just add a tbsp of black seed oil to a bowl of plain yogurt and eat at least two bowls of the concoction until the diarrhea is treated.

14. Honey

Honey has antiseptic properties which protect the gut from bacteria that are poor. It’s possible for you to decide to have a teaspoon of honey daily or combine it with lemon juice, ginger juice or your black tea. Drink this concoction to remain hydrated.

Notice – it’s not best to give honey to babies as it can certainly cause botulism.

15. Ginger

Ginger tops the record of foods for diarrhea. Additionally it is powerful for kids. Add grated ginger to a cup of water and boil it for five to ten minutes. Strain and cool the water and drink a tbs after each hour. This can help boost the blood circulation in body and fight all the bad bacteria.

16. Orange Peel

Dry a couple orange peels and after that grind them to make a powder. Add the powder to a glass of drinking water and have 2-3 glasses of the same. Add a teaspoon of honey to improve the flavor.

17. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is among the finest spices as it kills bacteria within the gut for treating diarrhea. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a glass of warm water and drink it daily.

18. Vanilla Water

It’s among the old treatments to treat diarrhea. Get a tablespoon of pure vanilla and add 6 oz of water to it. Add a touch of sugar. Sip on the liquid. Wait for 30 minutes before you take the next dose.

19. Corn Flour

Fill 1/4 glass of water and add 4 bit of salt to an tablespoons of corn flour and it. Blend well and drink it for immediate relief.

20. Turmeric

This natural treatment for diarrhea is not dangerous for youngsters too. Just combine of turmeric in a bowl of yogurt and have it. Yogurt fights with the bacteria that are bad while the tests indigestion that is turmeric. Or else, add a little turmeric in your white rice.

21. Soda Bicarbonate and Apple Cider Vinegar

Add 1 teaspoon of soda bicarbonate to a glass and pour 10 ml of hot water over it. Add 1 liter of mineral water and 1 teaspoon of ACV to it. Blend well and drink it several times a day.

22. Custard Powder

Combine 2 teaspoons of custard powder in 1/2 a glass of water and drink this solution.

23. Mustard Water

Dry roast a teaspoon of mustard seeds in a pan. As soon as they start to crackle, add water 1 glass to it and let it boil. Filter the liquid and add several globules of honey to it so as to enhance the flavor.

24. Sesame Seeds and Goat Milk

Smash about 1 teaspoon of sesame seeds. By adding 2 tablespoons of goat’s milk to it, make a thick paste. This really is among the outstanding treatments to treat diarrhea.

25. Butter Milk

Mix 1 cup of yogurt with 1/2 a glass of water using a hand mixer or blender. Add 1/2 a teaspoon of roasted cumin seeds to and a touch of black salt it. Drink at least 3-4 glasses of buttermilk a day.

26. Coriander Seeds

Add a teaspoon of coriander seeds in a cup of hot water and allow it to steep for some time. Now sift the liquid and sip it to treat diarrhea.

Herbal Treatments to Treat Diarrhea

Here are a few natural remedies for diarrhea that will help relieve your suffering to an excellent extent.

27. Chamomile Tea

Make a cup of chamomile tea and drink it several times a day. Add chamomile blossoms as well as a tbsp of peppermint leaves to a cup of boiling water. Steep it for at least 10 minutes. Eventually, stress and drink it.

28. Charcoal

What to eat when you’ve got diarrhea Charcoal helps in treating food poisoning stomach ache and diarrhea in a natural manner. Have several pills with water alongside foodstuffs like bananas, rice, apples and toast BRAT diet, after every couple of hours to dump all of the toxins that cause diarrhea.

29. Nutmeg Powder

The best way to eliminate diarrhea together with the aid of nutmeg powder Well, it is quite simple Combine have it for immediate relief and some nutmeg powder using a teaspoon of honey.

Notice don’t require more than 2 teaspoons per day, as it can certainly cause constipation.

30. Black Walnut Hull

Add some walnut shell to a pot of boiling water and allow it to simmer for some time. Drink this tea many times to treat diarrhea. Its anti-parasitic properties help fight bacteria.

31. Guava Leaves

Wash a couple of guava leaves and add them to a pot of hot water. Enable them to boil for some time. Form the solution and drink it. The leaves have antioxidant, astringent, analgesic and anti diarrheal properties which check diarrhea.

32. Grapefruit Seed Extract

Also called traveler’s buddy, it is an excellent treatment for those people who are constantly on the move. Add 15 drops of grapefruit seed extract to a glass of water and drink it.

33. Bilberry

Bilberry is an age old treatment for treating diarrhea. It’s also called huckleberry or whortleberry. You can utilize its infusion to eliminate diarrhea or eat its fruit. Instead, prepare tea by boiling some bilberry leaves in a cup of water for a couple of minutes. Subsequently strain and drink the tea.

34. Peppermint

Peppermint is a powerful herbal treatment for individuals experiencing persistent diarrhea. Sip on peppermint tea to decrease the distress due to diarrhea.


  • Drink lots of filtered water. You may also have a few other fluids like clear pops non-caffeinated, vegetable soups, clear broths, and coconut water.
  • Prevent any kind of physical action as potential and get as much rest.
  • Follow a strict diet for diarrhea and contain bananas, apples, yogurt, pomegranate, rice, etc.
  • Keep personal hygiene.
  • Always wash uncooked fruits and vegetables before you eat them.


  • Don’t drink coffee orAny other beverage which has caffeine, as it’s not good for the poor digestive system.
  • Prevent ingestion of alcohol.
  • Do not have cheese, milk and other dairy products except yogurt, as they can worsen the state.

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