29 Effective Home Treatments to Cause Labor Naturally

Are you really a mother-to-be who has crossed 38-40 weeks of pregnancy and awaiting your first constriction Typically, when a lady passes her due date, then it’s regarded as overdue pregnancy. However it’s not actually dangerous for the mother and child in the event the delivery is delayed by 5-10 days. However, while parturition is overdue for around 2 weeks, then it’s something everyone think about following the natural methods to cause labour and must concern.


Points to Remember before using Natural Techniques to Induce Labor

Seek guidance from your physician and consider a couple of points before following some of the natural methods to induce labour:

  • In case the pregnancy is a high risk pregnancy or in the event the mom has any medical condition that is prominent, subsequently prevent causing labour naturally.
  • Keep your hospital bags packaged and additionally keep your physician told before using herbs or getting into any dosage of labour stimulator drugs.
  • Give additional services to the pregnant girl while inducing labor. Particularly when the water breaks, it’s perfect that you take her to the hospital promptly and not continue together with the induction procedure.
  • If you’re following the natural methods to induce labour at home keep connected with a certified therapist or at least an experienced man at home.
  • When you follow any natural approach to induce labour, take a while before trying out any other system or repeating the procedure.
  • Do not attempt to cause the pain before 40 weeks’ gestation period before this; the fetus isn’t fully developed and prepared for arrival.

Home Treatments to Cause Labor

1. Sex

Essentially, labour induction entails ripening of the cervix whereby the water releases or dilation occurs labour beginnings and quicker. The possibility of cervical ripening increases, as a full term pregnant girl continue to have sex with her partner. Sex activates the release of oxytocin that’s a vital hormone that causes labour. The semen features prostaglandins cervix ripens and induces it to dilate.


  • If a female is having some other complications with her pregnancy or placenta previa, then it’s better to prevent this process.
  • The odds of dilation are not low when a pregnant girl indulges in a sex. Hospitalize the girl promptly in case the water rests.
  • In the event of vaginal bleeding, sex isn’t a natural labor induction alternative that is recommended.

2. Nipple Arousal

This is actually the next most recommended method to induce labour. Similar to having sex, nipple stimulation raises labour contraction to be caused by the discharge of oxytocin. It is a simple yet quite powerful technique which includes exciting the nipples areolas like how a baby sucks while nursing. Massage your nipples around for at least 15 minutes and spark one nipple at a time. Repeat this procedure for approximately three times a day to improve oxytocin release within your body.

Notice Excite nipples after periods. Don’t repeat this procedure for over three times a day. Use any scent-free moisturizer to massage throughout the region since rubbing with naked fingers may allow it to be painful and raw.

3. Castor Oil

Drink castor oil to induce labor pain. Uterus and your bowel sparks to cause the first contraction in the earliest.

Notice –don’t drink more than 60 ml of castor oil as it might cause acute diarrhea in a pregnant girl, shoving her to extreme dehydration and reduction of energy.

4. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is among the primeval treatments which have been employed since a large number of years to induce labour. In this procedure, thin needles are inserted into the particular points of the body. This activates the process of uterus. This approach reduces the pain

Notice Consult your midwife or physician before using acupuncture labour induction process. Follow this procedure when your due date has passed, or when your due date is close. The chance of labour induction with acupuncture is rather high, in case your pregnancy isn’t full-term, thus don’t to attempt it.

5. Dates

Recent researches have shown that eating date fruit at the later phases of pregnancy may be viewed as one among the practical natural methods to induce labour. Girls who have 6 date fruits for four weeks per day got their labour compared to girls, who didn’t eat them. Your contractions are also made by date fruit more, therefore, higher cervical dilatation occurs. This way, the very first stage of labour gets shortened. When girls eat date fruits at their third trimester, the possibility of getting impulsive labour are also rather high.

Notice don’t over eat dates as it might upset your tummy. Additionally, eating date fruits may create a higher quantity of heat within your body, so after having dates, drink a glass of boiled milk. It’s not recommended that you eat dates in the first or second trimester without consulting with your physician.

6. Walking

Walking is one among the natural methods to induce labour. Begin walking instantaneously as it might shorten the time interval between your contractions for those who ‘ve got your first contraction. When a full term pregnant girl walks, her infant’s head is pressed towards her cervix. Walking additionally motivates the baby to get through the cervix punctually. Strive not to exhaust yourself as it causes energy reduction by walking quickly. You should preserve your energy for the other phases of labour, so remain hydrated and lively.

7. Pineapple

Pineapple features bromelain- the neck of your uterus to accelerate work as well as an enzyme that softens the cervix. Thus, eat pineapples at least seven to get work quickly.


  • Diarrhea may be also caused by eating pineapple in a pregnant girl. Don’t drink pineapple juice.
  • Prevent as it might ruin the bromelain content in the pineapples canning.

8. Scale Stairs

This might not be advocated with high risk pregnancy for a lot of women, but it’s a powerful method during normal pregnancy. Scaling stairway also gives more pressure to your cervix and may help place the infant right. Try and climb up stairs frequently when you’re overdue, but ask your doctor before doing it. As said before, it’s great in the event you do not exhaust yourself by climbing down stairway frequently, since you may get worn out easily.

9. Evening Primrose Oil

EPO or evening primrose oil is a great cervix. Nevertheless, consumption of EPO pills is recommended two times a day after 36th week of pregnancy to anticipate labour punctually. Add 2 EPO tablets of 500 milligrams right near your cervix prior to going to bed when eating EPO pills don’t work out. There’s 100 opportunity that cervix breaks and ripens when you get right up in the morning. When you take advantage of an EPO pill for labour induction you should have your midwife.

10. Hot Foods

It’s thought that eating hot food can cause labour naturally. Since there’s a myth that eating hot food can impact the hair growth of the infant many girls often avoid eating hot food. Eating hot food as the due date strategies can in fact aid in cervix ripening.

11. Acupressure

Once they’re close to their due date, like acupuncture, acupressure may also boost the probability of natural contraction in girls. You also or seek specialist’s help can take recommendations from your midwife to get this treatment. Take at least 24 hours time to repeat the procedure as acupressure takes at least 12 hours to work.

12. Massage

Labour is not only induced by massage but in addition keeps vomiting and nausea at bay when contraction occurs. Massage can alleviate an expecting girl during labour from tension and energy reduction. As a way to cause labour take a massage from skilled masseuse.

13. Warm Bath

The temperature of the water must not be that high, although warm water bath may also induce labour; otherwise, it’ll create the infant pressure. You may also add 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil to the bath water.

14. Balsamic Vinegar

Sour balsamic vinegar is, in addition, an all-natural treatment to activate labour. Add it to your salad and attempt having it at least for 5 days.

15. Bananas

Being rich in potassium, bananas result in muscle contraction, thereby, spark labour.


  • Don’t overeat bananas.
  • Prevent have potassium supplements as they could not be harmless if taken wrong.

16. Dancing

Dancing is additionally an effective method to cause labour when you dance, but be quite cautious. Make certain you only transfer your body and not stress yourself in causing labour.

17. Swimming

Swimming increases your possibilities of getting muscle contraction. Do swimming after your due date is through, to induce labour.

18. Squats

Doing infant cans transfer to the down position and mend his or her head to make him/her prepared to come out

19. Wine

It’s thought that wine improves the chance of getting early labor contractions, but for security purposes it’s not recommended.

Herbal Treatments to Cause Labor

Before you use any herbal treatment, remember that FDA Food and Drug Administration isn’t the controlling authority of herbs company. Thus, the purity and potency of herbs which are bought from different firms may fluctuate greatly. These herbs could additionally constitute of preservatives or compounds. Ingestion of high doses of drugs might have an undesirable effect in your well-being. In the event you are taking medicines, their effects may be counteracted by some herbs. So, before you use any herbal treatment, you’re advised to seek advice from your midwife or doctor.

20. Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry leaf functions as a uterine tonic to stimulate labour in a way that is natural. After she delivers the baby, in addition, it raises breast milk secretion in mom. You drink it several times a day and can prepare raspberry tea.

21. Cinnamon Stick Tea

Cinnamon stick tea is provided to a pregnant girl close to her due date. Cinnamon stick the cervix can ripen quicker early water is caused by thatbreakage.

22. Basil

Add basil in your food, as well as drink basil tea two times a day to cause labour.

23. Black Cohosh and Blue Cohosh

Blue cohosh is thought to be a great labour inducing herb. Add it to the boiling water, and filter the water after a couple of minutes. Drink it in the morning as well as night.

Black cohosh fortifies and nourishes the uterine tissues and causes contractions. Add 5 drops of tincture of the herb to a cup of water or tea. Begin with 1 cup a day. Slowly, raise the amount to 2 cups daily, until you get labour. You may also boost the amount of black cohosh tincture, i.e., 10 drops per cup. Nevertheless, you need to consult with a physician to be aware of the appropriate doses you need to take.

    24. Licorice

    Licorice helps and is somewhat laxative in nature stimulate contractions. Attempt to get the natural one that’s much more licorice and less sugar.

    25. Motherwort

    Motherwort prevents irregular contractions or false labor. It may be taken to start labour in the type of pill or tea.

    Herbal Tea

    Drinking cumin tea, thyme tea, ginger tea, cotton root tea and dry ginger tea works towards causing early labour contractions. Always check with your midwife or physician before using any herbal tea. You will be suggested by your physician when to start and how frequently to drink the herbal tea.

    26. Cumin Tea

    Add 1 tbsp of cumin seeds in a cup of boiling water. You can add little ball of raw potato to decrease the animosity since cumin is bitter in flavor. Strain the tea and drink it. This herbal treatment will help contract the uterus.

    27. Ginger Tea

    Drink labour to support. You may also have piquant ginger biscuits.

    28. Thyme Tea

    Steep fresh thyme leaves in boiling water to prepare tea. Drink it to cause labor pain.

    29. Cotton Root Tea

    This tea causes increases and labour contractions during parturition. Additionally, it boosts the creation of milk in the breastfeeding mothers up.

    Note- Though these home remedies have been composed carefully, we still highly advise you to take guidance from your own doctor before consuming/using these home remedies

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