28 Effective Home Treatments to Eliminate Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are the little nocturnal insects that multiply. These creepy bugs can infest every corner of your home. They belong to Cimicidae family, which feed on blood and are generally seen in warm temperature. As they can be quite self-conscious bed bugs are active during the nighttime hours. To conceal themselves in the day, they use desks, drapery, linens, nightstands, headboards, mattresses, art clothes and frames. A bed bug feeds on the body of a host for five full minutes and pierces the skin of warm blooded people and draws blood. A sufferer could not be aware when s/he’s being bitten, but will shortly come to understand through skin disease, red and itchy welts, allergic reaction, etc. The common signs of bed bug infestation are stings sight of dry blood; bed bug skin and eggs, in your own body. Here is a listing of some cost effective home treatments that allow you to remove them and restrain the additional reproduction of bed bugs. Moreover, these treatments will shield you from negative effects of these insects.


Home Treatments for Bed Bugs

1. Rubbing Alcohol

Get a spray bottle and fill it with the rubbing alcohol. Spray it on the infested surface to remove these bugs that are tenacious fast. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect

  • What’s more, you can even coat the walls and furniture with alcohol as the strong scent keeps the pest further away from your room to control bed bugs.

2. Diatomaceous Earth

Distribute Diatomaceous earth all around your home or on the region where bed bugs nest. The little sum DE is very helpful in ruining these bugs by dehydrating them.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda helps absorb moisture from the body of bed bugs because of its drying properties. Distribute you discover bugs or some baking soda across the crevices and cracks. Do not forget to vacuum the soda after few days and reapply it.

4. Cayenne Pepper

Take 1 teaspoon each of grated ginger, oregano and cayenne powder. Boil in water. Filter and spray the solution entering spaces of areas and your room where bed bugs might be concealing. The scent of the solution keeps them from propagating and drives the bugs away.

5. Boric Acid Powder

Some boric acid powder in the region where bed bugs might be concealing or in cupboards, mattress, the clothing, kitchen as well as toilet. This treatment helps dispose of them.

6. Bleaching Powder

Bring some bleaching powder and clean clothing and your furniture with it. This treatment helps remove bed bugs from your home.

7. Steam Treatment

If you’d like to eliminate this trouble get your carpeting, mattress, pillows steamed. Bed bugs can not live in high temperature above 50 degrees or 150 F. Steam prevents the egg from living and permeates through these substances and ruins the bugs.

8. Double Sided Tape

It’s possible for you to attach double sided tape across the base of your beds. The bed bugs get stuck if they try to sneak up on you. It is an excellent system to assess bedbugs.

9. Scented Dryer Sheets

Put some scented dryer sheets on the surface of mattresses, inside your pillowcase and between mattress and the box spring. As odour of the sheets is repulsive to them, it may be utilized as a protection against bugs. It’s possible for you to distribute over the sheet the furniture so that bed bugs shun the living space and become nauseous.

10. Hair Dryer

Bed bugs cannot withstand high temperature, in order to place the drier at the maximal way to eliminate bed bugs. Place and turn it on. Place it around infested place and the mattress seam for about an hour to get the results that are powerful. This one hour treatment may kill eggs and the pest. Vacuum the region that is heated and remove the bug’s hints. Do not forget to clean hoover filter.

11. Vacuum Cleaner

The bed bugs can be removed by the suction wand of the vacuum from sleep quarters, margin seams of the mattress, of carpeting, under crevices, box spring, baseboards and other locations that are susceptible.

Note: Wash all of the fastenings in hot water.

12. Talcum Powder

Sprinkle baby or talcum powder on the region that is infested. The bugs will suffocate and kill them.

Note: Prevent sleeping in these areas.

13. Silica Gel

The grinded silica gel in your bedroom, including walls, across the bed as well as in your mattress. The bugs get stuck in this gel and perish. In addition, it functions as a dehydrating agent which helps kill bugs easily.

14. Stiff Brush 

The mattress seam using a stiff brush remove their egg and to get rid of the bedbugs.

15. Caulk

The caulking is the greatest technique leaving no space for the bugs and to destroy pests. You can apply caulk to seal the openings on joints in baseboards, the cupboards, crevices and cracks in plaster. It’s possible for you to use rubber caulking to fill cracks and narrow spaces.

Herbal Treatments for Bed Bugs

16. Sweet Flag

The herb is famous for its antimicrobial properties and additionally called as calamus. You can buy a package that is calamus and prepare a solution in line with the directions given on it. Spray the solution in the room that is infested to get rid of the microbes like bed bugs and worms.

17. Legume Leaves

Take some legume spread on the ground of your room in which you discover bugs and leaves. It will help snare the pests in the area that is infested. The leaves make using trichomes microscopic hooked hairs to kill the pests. These microscopic hairs are found on the leaf surface that pierce the bedbug’s feet.

18. Indian Lilac

Take some of its own leaves, crush them and distribute on the region that is susceptible. Antimicrobial properties of the plant and the scent eradicate bed bugs efficiently.

  • Instead, boil some leaves in water for 10 minutes. Form bath and this solution with this. It treats the skin region that is contaminated and keeps bedbugs’ away from you.
  • Also, spray Indian lilac oil on all of the material in your own home to remove bugs.

19. Tea Tree Oil

This really is among the essential oils that are amazing that’s famous for its antimicrobial effects. Anyway, the antibacterial properties allow you to eliminate a variety of microbes including fungi, viruses and bacteria. It’s possible for you to clean your house with this particular oil, or you’ll be able to add some tea tree oil drops on the clothes and other place that is infested. Prepare a solution comprising tea tree oil and lukewarm water. Put this solution that is diluted in a spray bottle and scatter it on drapes, furniture, carpeting, linens, beds, the walls, cupboards, mattresses and clothing. Do this once per week to get rid of the microbes.

20. Thyme

Tie a thyme stick using a cotton cloth to be able to repel the bed bugs and burn it near the infested areas of your room and setting.

  • Instead, get fresh thyme leaves and put them in bags that are internet. Place in the mattress, corners, cupboards, under the couch, beneath the pillows and other areas.

Note: Don’t forget to replace these totes with fresh thyme leaves every 3rd day. Bugs leave the hiding places forever, although it’s going to take some time.

21. Essential Oils

Get a cup of water and add several drops of eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender oil. Spray the mixture onto the bugs as well as on the things that are infested. The mixture kills them and works against the pests.

  • Moreover, cedar oil, oregano oil, and tea tree oil are effectual for combating with these bed bugs. These essential oils choke them and block the bugs.

22. Mint Leaves

It’s possible for you to use mint leaves to stop the entrance of bed bugs at home. It’s a powerful repellent that keeps bugs at bay. Scatter crushed mint leaves round the sleeping place or in the cradleboard of little kids. You can even place dry mint leaves packet between mattress and your linen closets.

23. Black Walnut Tea

In addition , this is a powerful herb which can be put to use as an insecticide and repellent against bed bugs. Scatter or set its tea bags on the infested region including corners of the room, creases of interior region bed and cabinet area. The antifungal and antibacterial properties bring out the bugs from hiding places and help ruin them.

  • Instead, prepare an herbal sachet by combining 2 parts of sweet flag, 3 parts of black walnut, 1 part of the mint, 1 part of lavender and 3 part of thyme. The bed bugs repel.

24. Beauveria Bassiana

This is thought to be an all-natural insecticide and a fungus. It works against the bed bugs and kill them within three to five days. It’s some pre fatal effects including eating, freedom and decreased fecundity. It works like a parasite on insects and disable them.

25. Lemongrass

It’s possible for you to use as it raises the acidic state in the bug, lemongrass to kill the bedbugs as well as their eggs. Bed bugs can help you remove them and finally cannot bear the scent of lemongrass.

26. Clove

Acidic pH and the pungent scent of the clove disturb the survival of bed bugs, as they cannot bear this acidic state. It’s possible for you to ruin the bugs readily by exposing other infested region and your pillows, mattress to clove oil.

27. Pyrethrum

The pyrethrum is an infusion formed from the mixture of dried flower heads of Coccineum C and Chysanthemum. It’s possible for you to use this natural insecticide to kill the bed bugs, as it is hazardous to them and attacks the nervous system of the bed bugs.

  • You need to use an insecticide that contains pyrethrum and canola oil, as it’s not dangerous for kids and your pets.

28. Lavender

It’s possible for you to use soap, lavender oil or its powder to eliminate bed bugs. Furthermore, put fresh lavender leaves on the infested region to keep thesebugs away. This is among the techniques that are powerful as them nauseate, and eventually, ruins them.


  • Clean your clothing and other material in hot water that came in contact together with the infested region.
  • Cover your mattress and spring box in a plastic cover
  • Analyze the corner of the mattress often.
  • Throw off the things that are affected.
  • Be cautious while using insecticides to kill insects. Keep your kids away from insecticides.
  • Remove litter from your bedrooms.
  • If preceding treatments don’t operate, seek professional help.  


  • Avoid using insecticides or pesticides on baby cribs or toys.
  • As it’ll distribute bugs to a different location don’t transfer things via an infested room.

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