23 Successful Home Treatments for Root Canal Pain Healing

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Are you really experiencing distressing time due to your root canal Afterward you will get considerable of home remedies to distress your pocket or to treat it without any trouble. Root canal is just a space within the root of the tooth, where there’s a soft pulp of tissues which linking tissue and includes blood vessels, and helps grow root of the tooth when the process of growth is happening. The factors behind root canal pain are disease damaged pulp that destroys the enamel and dentin of the tooth, flinching of the old metal woof, and chewing or eating food that is tempered. The chief symptoms are localized pain, redness and swelling of gums, swelling in the gingiva of the teeth that are nearby. The pain could also infect the other teeth across the infected root canal and is not going to let you eat particular type of foods. Here we’ve enlisted a number of the successful home treatments to eliminate root canal pain.

Home Treatments for Root Canal Pain

1. Ice Pack

Ice pack technique has helped remedy root canal pain since ages and is among the handiest methods to soothe the pain. It’s possible for you to place ice cubes wrapped in a cloth in your face for about 5 minutes. It’s going to provide you with relief from the pain. In the event you do not get relief with this treatment, try placing ice pack for 15 minutes instead of 5, for at least 3-4 times a day.

2. Liquid Diet

You also might not have the capacity to eat correctly, and mastication and biting may cause more pain in your tooth and can become poor. Till the pain is gone it is advisable to feed on liquid diet, as well as the illness is removed. It’s possible for you to drink orange or carrot juice, nevertheless they should not be overly great as it may make your teeth more sensitive and cause more pain.

3. Gargle

For the interest of soothing the pain and fighting the disease, do gargle with salt water. All you have to do is dissolve one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Gargle with this particular water twice or thrice a day.

4. Alcohol

Gargling with beer, like whiskey, scotch, and alcoholic beverages is a powerful treatment for root canal pain, or you’ll be able to use mouthwash that’s alcohol as one of its ingredients. Ingestion of alcohol may be valuable overly simply, if have in amount that is small, else it can turn hazardous for your wellbeing.

5. Cucumber

Cucumber is well known for its pain relieving and cooling properties. It can give immediate relief from the toothache resulted as a result of root canal to you. You place it on the affected tooth in the mouth and can take a piece of cucumber. Duplicate the procedure to receive the best results.

6. Eating Soft and Light Food

Your tooth can harm . Thus, it’s suggested to eat peppery and soft food. Eating high protein food and drinking raw milk will help heal the sense early.

7. Raised Pillow

By elevating the pillow while sleeping root canal pain may be relieved. It not only prevents nerve throbbing and debilitating gingiva, but in addition quits the bleeding as pillow raising offers the manner for blood flow in a specific direction.

8. Hydrogen Peroxide

Swish your mouth with hydrogen peroxide, so as to treat the root canal pain. It might taste bitter, but provides relief for a number of years. You can add some water to dilute it, in case it tastes bitter.

9. Using Distinct Infusions

Apply vanilla, peppermint, almond or lemon infusion on the affected tooth together with the aid of a cotton ball. It relieves the suffering related to root canal pain and will help prevent the development of the bacteria.

10. Potato

Keep a newly cut thin piece of potato on the affected region for some time to relieve the pain. Repeat it several times to prevent the development of bacteria.

11. Tea Bags

Do not throw away the left over tea bags after making the tea. Instead, place on the aching tooth. The juice of the tea leaves also make the area numb for some time and can treat the tooth.

Notice – The tea bag ought to be warm and should not be opened or ripped from everywhere.

12. Baking Soda

When experiencing root canal pain, baking soda can be of great help. All you’ve got to do is dip a cotton ball in water and after squeezing out the additional water, coat it with all the baking soda. Apply it on the affected tooth.

  • Instead, you can prepare a mouthwash by combining little baking soda with water. Use it to swish your mouth.

13. Pepper and Salt Paste

Grind some pepper and combine it using a little bit of water and salt to make a paste like consistency. Apply it to the tooth. The antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties of pepper and salt will assist the tooth to be in standard state immediately.

14. Tobacco

But its antibacterial properties make it a great treatment for root canal pain, though tobacco is not great for health. Set in your mouth, until you feel the mint flavor. Spit it and rinse your mouth with water.

15. Vinegar

Ordinary home vinegar or apple cider vinegar plays a great role in killing. Dip a cotton ball in vinegar and put it inside the mouth on the affected region, for fifteen minutes. For better results, use it often.

16. Uncooked Butter

By have a large ball of white butter and eating less number of yellow butter, you can decrease the indications of root canal pain. Furthermore, your tooth is not going to damage.

17. Olive Oil

Olive oil supplies you a soothing sense. Dip a cotton ball in the olive oil and apply it to the tooth that is aching to eliminate root canal pain.

18. Clove

Clove is the most trusted treatment for all of the issues associated with teeth. Place close to the aching tooth. Suck on it for some time. Clove oil can be also applied by you. Instead, prepare a paste with the addition of water to cloves that are grounded, and apply it.

Notice – Keeping many cloves in your mouth for quite a while can damage your tooth or gums.

19. Onion

This treatment may seem strange, but is really useful in treating the root canal pain. Cut an onion and put it in the mouth for a while. Suck its juice.

Notice – The onion to be kept in the mouth ought to be newly cut.

20. Garlic

Get a garlic clove and smash it. Keep it on the affected tooth and let the garlic juice disperse around it, or you also can also attempt chewing on it. It’s going to allow you to get relieved from the pain, kill the bacteria and prevent the development of the disease, as it’s medicinal properties and great antibiotic.

21. Asafetida

A wide range of dental issues may be medicated with asafetida. Blend a couple of drops of lemon juice as well as a pinch of asafetida. Subsequently, heat it up. Soak a cotton pad in the prepared solution and apply it on the affected place. This is a brilliant root canal pain relief home remedy.

Herbal Treatments for Root Canal Pain

22. Tree Tea Oil

Tea tree oil is among the sure treatments for root canal pain. Blend 3-4 drops of tea tree oil in warm water. Gargle with it 3-4 times a day. The root canal pain wills discontinue.

23. Plantain

Chew a number of plantain leaves. In case your tooth happens to be too raw to chew on it, you can chew it from the other side after which drink water. Or make a paste of the leaves by combining several droplets of water in it and smashing them. This paste. This is an effective natural treatment for root canal pain.


  • Brush your teeth often.
  • Remove the leftover food from the mouth together with the aid of floss.
  • Gargle after each meal.


  • Don’t chew on things that are really difficult as it might cause excruciating pain.
  • Sweets and may disintegrate the teeth and cold beverages can cause susceptibility. Thus, prevent them.

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